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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peach, Mango and Strawberry Jams!!

Wow, it's been a great year for tasty fruit!  With the crazy weather we've had this spring and summer (so far) our fruit has had lots of blemishes, which means lots of tasty fruit at great prices.  Strawberries were again 88 cents a pound today!  If I hadn't already put up about 80 pounds of fruit - 40 or so in jam and 40 or so in fresh frozen - we'd be picking up more than just a few pounds to munch on this week!

Mangos came in at 2 and 3 for $1, so - yep - I put up a lot of mango jam.  Oh my goodness, it is really tasty!  I love jams with big chunks of fruit!  spreads so nice on fresh warm bread!  Yummy!!

Last week, my daughter in law brought me over a large crate of fresh peaches she was able to pick up for $6.  SIX DOLLARS!!!  Oh my heavens - Elise, my oldest granddaughter (8 years old) helped me and we put up 12 small, 15 medium, and 12 large jars of peach jam.  5 batches,  20 pounds of peaches just in jam and we had a big bowl left for ice cream topping or just eating!!  There's nothing like fresh fruit picked that day or a day or two before. 

Of all of the jams this year, Elise and I agreed, the peach takes the prize, hands down!  It tastes so good - oh my gosh!  I wish I could give everyone a spoonful through the screen!

I'm sorry for the farmers not being able selling their fruit for top prices because of the late frosts and freezes, but blessings for us getting such tasty fruits for so little in price!  Now blueberries - I'd really like to pick up another 20 or more pounds of blueberries for the freezer.  It's a bit late in the year for them, but one can dream!

I pray everyone is having a safe and wonderful summer vacation.  I've been enjoying my grandchildren and the great weather we've been having!



  1. Wow! I can feel how yummy your jams are! I'm so glad you are enjoying your great time with grandchildren! That wonderful!
    Please drop by my blog to take your award, my dearest friend!
    I will write you soon!
    Love and hugs, xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and being one of my followers. I still have difficulty in writing in English but my reading is better. I write you these words with the help of my blessed husband who teaches English.
    Love and hugs.