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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

While The Kids Were Away ~ ~ ~

OK, OK ~ This isn't what you thought by the title, but I couldn't help it!  It just fit!!!

So, I've shown you "How I Spent My Summer Vacation"  parts 1 & 2, and I had a really great time, most of the time - Didn't really like chasing dogs half asleep (me - not the dogs!)  because that was the best form of exercise, or for a good time first thing in the morning (because it wasn't!)  However, I loved taking care of the wee ones and cooking!

When Mom and Dad got home from their vacation, oh - did I mention they spent one week in Spain and one week in Italy?  Well, they did, and the photos they sent back were spectacular! The countryside in both countries was beautiful, the museums, the Cathedrals!  Magnificent!! Stunning photos, and even a few of them thrown in - and they are a handsome couple!  They were smart and took private tours and said it was worth every penny!  Best way to see a country, or even states, we're not familiar with!

Grandpa, for all his efforts - taking me shopping before I went, helping me pack, taking care of the house and garden in my absence, and missing me a lot (I missed him, too!) received these beautiful Italian Gloves!

And, The Glove Fits!!  Beautiful brown leather gloves, purchased in Italy!!

Sure will keep him warm in the cold weather of winter!

And, very nice for driving, too!

They took private tours of both the Sistine Chapel and saw the works of Michelangelo! Something I can only imagine and take that tour online!  They said it was MAGNIFICENT!!!  And, by taking the private tour, they saw things you wouldn't normally see - so if anyone is planning a trip to Italy, and you want to see it, they highly recommend paying the extra dollars for this tour.

When they spent time in the Vatican, they stopped in the Vatican Gift Shop and purchased my new Rosary and this beautiful box with the carving of the Virgin Mother and Baby Jesus.  I've had many Rosary's - I was given my Baba's 2, one that he prayed daily with, and a very large wooden one given to him by a Priest, and others that belonged to family elders.  But the only one I ever was given to me as mine personally was a plastic one given to me when I made my 1st Holy Communion and this one.  This is absolutely beautiful.  Many don't understand this as a beautiful object, Catholics not only see the beauty of it, but know the significance of it.  The box, when opened plays a tune I am unfamiliar with, I will ask a dear friend what it is.

I will keep these by my bedside always and thank my lovely daughter in law and son.  Thank you both so much, both mean a great deal to me!

That's it for this evening.

Blessings everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation ~ Part 2

So, for two weeks, the children and I did what Grandma's and grand kids do, I cooked, they ate and played.  When I have the opportunity to stay with them, I love to cook for them.  Like my own Granny, for me, cooking and feeding the family is my love to them, or for them, an expression of love you might say ~

So, I shopped before going over and had the opportunity to put up many items so when my daughter in law runs late with kids going here and there one night, or just needs some help one night - she can reach in and grab something already made - meatloaves (of course!), Minestrone Soup frozen in many sizes, Navy Bean and Ham Soup, in many sizes (so my daughter could grab a size for lunches for herself!), Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken Parmesan, Zucchini Bread (sliced before freezing), lots of pancakes and waffles.  Just made double or triple the amounts of dinners I made for the children, then put up a family meal in a "Food Saver" bag - gotta love those!!

And then there were our family derelicts -

The Digger - Lucy - who can dig a hole under the fence a be gone before I could run to the bathroom and get back to let her back in!  She found the muddiest place in the development to get full of mud before I found her!

Then there's Molly - yea, look at that face - but don't let her fool you - she waits for Lucy to dig out, and me to go running after Lucy - then comes in and makes that hole a bit bigger and takes a nice long walk!  When she a Lucy get out together, it's like herding cats!

Molly loves to play catch, too.  She runs after the ball and brings it and puts it right into my hands.  She was a great one to play with - but still - an escapee!

Last, but not least, Scout.  She's a boxer.  All muscle, but a tad lazy.  No fetching here, just "Snacks please" - can you see that question when she look at you, too?  So, since she never went under the fence to escape - extra treats for Scouty!

After two weeks away from my home, sleeping in my own bed feels marvelous!  Instead of the little arm, or little leg throwing over my body from the little octopus sleeping with me - I'm home sleeping next to my wonderful sweetie.  I sure love my wee ones, but I sure missed Grandpa!  Home to my garden, my birds, my home!

Home only two days - then a jaunt to the Los Angeles area for a DAR trip ~ which I will show you in my next post!

Til then, I hope this week is a marvelous one for all of you!  Have fun, stay cool, love on the kids and grand kids!

Blessings dear friends,

Monday, August 13, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Part 1

Ahhh - remember going back to school and the first essay, story, paper - what ever your teacher called it - was "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" - remember way back when ? ? ? Well, I do!  I remember spending time with Granny and Baba, who I adored and spoiled me (just a little)!  And, the opportunity to go to the Girl Scouts 2 Mile Walk and Sleep Over in the 4th grade - my only childhood occasion to try, eat, eat, eat and eat smores!!  Oh, they were so good!!!  Two weeks camping in Yosemite and seeing the firefalls each night (yeah, I'm that old)! Or, how about, "What Good Books I Read During Summer Vacation?"  Are you kidding, reading books?  OK - I was one of those nerdy kids who did read - I loved to read, and still do!

So here's part 1 of "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."  My son and daughter in law took a 2 WEEK trip Spain and Italy!  How grand is that - OK no, I did not get to go - but I got something better - I got to spend the entire two weeks with my wee ones.  And, you all know how I love spending time with my grandchildren.  The oldest two are 22 and 19 this year, so grandparents aren't THAT important any more!  he he he - Actually, having two different sets of grandchildren has been kind sweet - best of both worlds I think.  I had quality time with the older boys when they were growing up (way too fast) and now these three (time is still going by too fast!!!)
Off to Camp!!

Week One - Isaac and Elise go off to camp.  This is a Christian Camp and it was up in the Sugar Pines area of Yosemite.  What a beautiful National Park (and Wonder of the World) it is. Look at these happy campers on the way to camp!

My Sweet Elise - Ready to Roll!

Isaac is ready - no I-pod, no computer, no X-Box - OH MY!!!

It's Me and You, Grandma!!

And, Little Missy, too young and Grandma's shadow!  She has her own post a few down helping me make Zucchini Bread!

You know how hard it is to get them in to the shower, get cleaned up and go to bed early - not a problem the first day home.  First things first - Isaac wanted to know what was for dinner!?  His favorite, Meatloaf!!  Of all of the things I cook, my sons and grandson always want a meatloaf when they're coming over for a few days

Here's the morning after they returned home!
Please - can I sleep a little bit more?

Do I have to get up, Grandma??

Yes - of course Grandma let them sleep in longer, a lot longer, and did she have to get up - heck no!!

Guess having all that fun with Grandma was just so tiring for Little Missy!
Good Morning, Grandma!
Trust me when I say, Good morning did not mean, Okie Dokie I'm getting up with you!  I mean Cinderellie had a tough week, she had to eat lot of good food, played so hard with her Webkinz, played on brother's X-Box, watched movies with Grandma and ate lots of zucchini bread - that she made with her own two hands!!

Well, we'll be back in a day or two for "How I Spent My Summer Vacation -Part 2!"

Hope you are all enjoying what's left of your summer vacation!  Some have already gone back, some next week!  What ever happened to going back AFTER Labor Day????  Oh Yeah - - - I remember - - -


Saturday, August 11, 2012

They're Back!!!

These two are keeping a watchful eye - maybe even directing traffic!

You all know how I love our Hummingbirds!  Well, we've been a bit worried we may have lost their homing in on our home because of a new development being built behind us.  And, for the first couple of months of the season, we had a few birds - but this last week, we went from feeding 1 quart of syrup each week to 1 quart of syrup A DAY!!  Yes, you read correctly - a quart a week - to a quart a day!!
The five blurs are those coming in and going out!  It's a busy feeder!

A second feeder will need to be put up this weekend to accommodate all of the birds.  I counted 19 at one time trying to feed this morning.  (Before dawn, and I couldn't get my camera set up quickly enough.)
All are beautiful, the males have the gorgeous iridescent neck and head feathers!

The males are so beautiful with their bright purple/pink iridescent head colors.  We love having them fly in - but with this crazy weather - are they going north or south?  Coming inland from the Coast?  Our weather patterns have - well - been rather unusual as they have been over much of the US and probably the world!
The blurs are birds coming and going!  I was so amazed this morning!

Honestly, no matter to me, to us, about what or why - they are here now and we love feeding them and caring for them!  Next year we hope to have a spraying fountain with mist for them to bathe in and a butterfly bath and feeder.  These are the closest things to pets we have and we love caring for them while they visit us!

Would love to see some from other parts of the US as the colors are so vibrant and beautiful!

Have a marvelous weekend, my friends!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Grandma Been, Oh Where, Oh Where Has She Been ? ? ?

Well, I know where I am now!  Home!!  Praise the Lord.  I have been away from home for much of the last month, without my sweetie.  It's been busy for both of us, a tad lonely being away from him and home, but fun as I spent time with my little wee ones and then friends.  I'm home for about a week, then fly out again for two weeks.  But, my next trip, I hope to have time to leave blog posts.

Thank you to all of my dear friends who sent messages asking if I was OK, my Sweetie was OK, if my home was OK? Thank You, Thank You, and yes ~ everything is wonderful!  Just much busier than I like it to be.

I have some photos I would love to share ~ I'm working on a post for tomorrow.  So for now - it's good to be home, good too sleep in my own bed, and end each day with a kiss to my sweetheart!

Hope you've all been well, happy, cool and blessed!