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Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where Has Grandma Been, Oh Where, Oh Where Has She Been ? ? ?

Well, I know where I am now!  Home!!  Praise the Lord.  I have been away from home for much of the last month, without my sweetie.  It's been busy for both of us, a tad lonely being away from him and home, but fun as I spent time with my little wee ones and then friends.  I'm home for about a week, then fly out again for two weeks.  But, my next trip, I hope to have time to leave blog posts.

Thank you to all of my dear friends who sent messages asking if I was OK, my Sweetie was OK, if my home was OK? Thank You, Thank You, and yes ~ everything is wonderful!  Just much busier than I like it to be.

I have some photos I would love to share ~ I'm working on a post for tomorrow.  So for now - it's good to be home, good too sleep in my own bed, and end each day with a kiss to my sweetheart!

Hope you've all been well, happy, cool and blessed!



  1. Oh- I knew where you were!;>) Enjoying those small sweet slices of life that make it all worth living! I am so happy you are home and I hope you can decompress a bit before you take off again. It has been so busy here that I don't know if I am coming or going- xo Diana

  2. HELLO STRANGER I WAS REALLY BEGINNING TO WORRY ..OOPS CAPS not shouting my lovely friend..and have been a bit concerened but glad you have had a lovely time away from blogland and bet himself has missed you so much as we all have here im sure i speak for others..and im sure others have had much joy from seeing and spending time with you cant wait to see your photos...missed you being around.see you when youhave recovered some strength have a nice sleep with your sweetheart mwah much love sassyxxxxxxx

  3. Spending time with grandkids is the best! Glad you are home. Loved the pictures of you and your granddaughter making zuchini bread. So much fun!

  4. It's always nice to come back home, but also nice to leave now and then. Just have a great time, wherever you are.

  5. Aww so good to know you are home again Donna and I know you will be very pleased to be there too :)
    Hugs June xxxx

  6. Welcome home. I'm glad that your back. Its nice to know that your safely home.

  7. Welcome back, miss your posts :)

  8. Welcome back Donna! I hope you had a wonderful time.