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Saturday, August 11, 2012

They're Back!!!

These two are keeping a watchful eye - maybe even directing traffic!

You all know how I love our Hummingbirds!  Well, we've been a bit worried we may have lost their homing in on our home because of a new development being built behind us.  And, for the first couple of months of the season, we had a few birds - but this last week, we went from feeding 1 quart of syrup each week to 1 quart of syrup A DAY!!  Yes, you read correctly - a quart a week - to a quart a day!!
The five blurs are those coming in and going out!  It's a busy feeder!

A second feeder will need to be put up this weekend to accommodate all of the birds.  I counted 19 at one time trying to feed this morning.  (Before dawn, and I couldn't get my camera set up quickly enough.)
All are beautiful, the males have the gorgeous iridescent neck and head feathers!

The males are so beautiful with their bright purple/pink iridescent head colors.  We love having them fly in - but with this crazy weather - are they going north or south?  Coming inland from the Coast?  Our weather patterns have - well - been rather unusual as they have been over much of the US and probably the world!
The blurs are birds coming and going!  I was so amazed this morning!

Honestly, no matter to me, to us, about what or why - they are here now and we love feeding them and caring for them!  Next year we hope to have a spraying fountain with mist for them to bathe in and a butterfly bath and feeder.  These are the closest things to pets we have and we love caring for them while they visit us!

Would love to see some from other parts of the US as the colors are so vibrant and beautiful!

Have a marvelous weekend, my friends!


  1. I have never seen so many hummingbirds together at one time. I love those little birds. Awesome shots.

  2. Ohh how lovely Donna, i think Humming birds are some of the most beautiful birds there are, how lovely to have them native to you and to have them come and feed and visit each day much be such a beautiful thing.
    hugs June xx

  3. I love hummingbirds too. They like to hang out around our lemon tree and Octotillo plants! Great pictures. Have a nice weekend.

  4. My gosh- You really have hummingbirds! I have only see one all summer long at our feeder...and that was last week for the first time-xo Diana

  5. Lovely birds, I don't see them here.

  6. Wow, you sure have a wonderful bunch of hummingbirds. I really haven't seen too many this year.

  7. Don't you just love the hummers and all their antics? I am surprised to see so many feeding on one feeder. My hummer is a little pigish and does not like to share.
    What intertainment you have each day. Enjoy,

  8. I love your hummingbirds. They share the feeder so nicely. Glad you are home and I bet you had lots of fun. Hope you are having a good but restful day.


  9. Oh your hummingbirds are wonderful! They will be back so often and so many for sure, as I believe they may feel your love for them! :) So lovely to enjoy them gathering at your garden and sharing the feeder! Love all your photos! Have a lot of fun and enjoy your new week, my sweet friend!
    Love and hugs,
    LS xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. I just love those little beauties, so fun to watch!!!!