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Monday, February 27, 2012

And One More Makes Three ~

Several posts back I shared with you the hooded scarf I crocheted for my sweet granddaughter, Elise.  She is such a beautiful young lady!  And, a great smile!  I've made these all in the same color Isaac had originally asked for in this beautiful blue, one of their school colors.

I had actually started out making older brother, Isaac a scarf - and just couldn't get a pattern I liked so made one up myself.  He did not want fringe, and the straight ends ~ well, I just didn't care for them so I rounded them - he likes them, and that's what matters.
When I asked little wee one, Leila, if she would like a hooded scarf like sister's, she said, "yes, but not with these flippy things!"  So, getting to the bottom of this, I finally asked, "OK, you mean you would rather have yours with a collar and not a scarf?"  "Yep!" and out the door she went.  So, here is Leila's hooded cowl collar!
All I did with this pattern, quite honestly, is when it came time to do the scarf portion of it, I simply made it short enough to be a collar.  I plan on either purchasing two buttons, or making them of polymer clay that will be double sided, so she can move the buttons as she grows a bit.  I'm showing the collar crossing a bit in the front, but it will go straight across when buttoned.  I did this so show the length of the collar.  I should have this finished and in the mail by the end of the week, along with a new scarf she's ordered.  This time in green - guess she likes the flippy things on a scarf after all!  Sheesh!

Thanks for taking a peek at my latest creation!  I love sharing with all of you the love I have in my heart by making things for family and friends!

Many blessings,

****And a quick update****
Thank you all for your concern for me and for my family emergency.  I am feeling much better, Praise the Lord.  And, our family emergency is getting better by each passing hour.  Thank you all for your kind emails, your thoughts and especially your prayers!!  Love to you all!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello My Bloggy Friends!

I try to post every few days, at least, but this last week, I've been a bit under the weather myself and had a bit of a family emergency.  Every thing is absolutely fine now - no worries, every one is good!

I've finished a couple of projects and started a couple of others, so I have been toddling around.  I will post tomorrow ~ ~

Until then ~ May this new week bring you blessings beyond measure!  Our Lord is an Awesome God ~ to Him go the Glory and Honor!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Grandma's Got A New Do!

You know when you get a really bad hair cut by your stylist, the first time you figure it's a fluke and they were just having a bad day.  The second time I get a bad one, it's Adios!  So, as you can see by my photo below, it's been quite some time since my last hair cut - a well over a year.
I've been looking for someone for a long while.  My key when interviewing is, I'd like it cut in layers all the way down the lenght of my hair.  When they start telling me about the new styles and how I might look better, I don't bother. Been there, done that, had to grow my hair back!  I try to find ladies who have a nice cut and ask them who does their hair.  There are a lot of really short cuts these days, or just long like mine.  I finally walked in to a shop Wednesday and asked the gal, "would you be able to cut my hair like this?" (I'd taken a photo in with me.)  She said sure!  She was wearing close to the style I wanted and was cutting the style I wanted, so I thought I'd actually be in to the right place! 

Liz had an appointment open for today at 2:30 and look what she did for me!  I love it!  Bangs need to grow out (I'd been chopping them off for the last year!), but the cut is perfect!
I have the straightest hair, so I'm thinking in a couple of weeks I'll be getting a body perm and that way it will have a little bounce and body (duh) to it.  It's long enough to wear it up, which I do 80% of the time, especially in the warm weather.  I love it! And, my Sweetie loves it, too!

If you live in the Central Coast, Paso Robles area, Liz McMahan, at The Secret Garden, is a wonderful stylist.  She's not afraid to cut layers in your hair, listens to what you want done - I think she's great!

Thanks for taking a peak - I know this isn't something crafty or something good to eat, but just thought I'd share a little of me with you!


Smart Phone Photo Alert!!

I don't do this very often, but I believe this too important not to share with all of my blog land friends.

We don't sent photos via our phones, but our kids do all the time, as well as many friends.  Even if you know this, we all need to make sure our kids, teenagers, and even young adults do as well.  This is something we could easily forget.  We were shocked, as we get photos all the time of our grandchildren and this was really scary!

Using simple software, stalkers, and worse, are able to TRACK us, OUR CHILDREN, to exact locations - I was shocked.

Please feel free to pass this on.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Scarf For Isaac!

Isaac originally asked me to make him a scarf in school colors.  The grandkids attend a Catholic School and their accessories should match as closely at possible to their uniforms.  This color worked perfectly for them.

He wants to wear it like most of the guys do, like the photo, so it doesn't constantly need fussing with!

I really struggled with this one, because Isaac, like most boys, didn't want any foo foo stitching, fringe, nada.  I ended up just making a simple scarf in a long round, using mostly double crochet (foundation row in a half double for strength) and made it about as tall as I am.

I posted a hooded scarf for Isaac's sister, Elise, a week or so ago.  I started wee ones (Leila's) last night.  Leila's with be a variation of Elise's, but no scarf.  Hers I will design as a hat, or hood, with a collar and a button for a closure.  She doesn't want any of "those things that fall down in the front ALL the time!  (her emphasis!)

Thanks for taking a peak!  I can't wait so get a picture of Isaac wearing his new scarf!


Monday, February 13, 2012



This is an awesome giveaway ladies, for those of us who scrapbook or make cards.  Good luck to everyone!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Newest Treasure Finds!

On Friday, my friend and I went over to the Goodwill shop here in town.  I found a four, 3 piece settings in Anchor Hocking (sorry I haven't looked it up yet for the name!) in one of my favorite patterns!  I was very excited because I've not seen these particular pieces before.
I love these pieces and already have several sets of snack trays with cups, so to have the luncheon plates with the saucers and cups is great!   One of the plates does have a very small nick - Drummel?
Aren't they pretty?  All 12 pieces for $10.25.

This was a great find for me - several months ago I found and bought the big punch bowl, 12 cups, plastic ladle and hangers for $2.  This is the bottom of the punch bowl, turned upside down, it becomes the pedestal, or it can be used like this to hold ice cubes.  This cost me $1.75!

This is a popular piece of the Anchor Hocking and matches the dishes above.  I have 3 or 4 of these relish bowls already.  So I happily added this one!  This tag said "pink" on it and pink happened to be 1/2 price day, so how's $1.12?
Last are these etched cocktail glasses.  6 oz glasses and I was really surprised at this find.  My Sweetie came in to the store, only to make sure I didn't stay in lolly gagging!  He saw these and picked them up, "So what do you think about these?  They look pretty nice to me!"  I took a good look, and realized they were a bit dirty and needed a good cleaning, but a set of six, not one little chip - at $2.25 they were an excellent buy.  They show a ship with the sails down and birds flying their way!

Thanks for taking a peak at my newest treasures!    Hope everyone had a very enjoyable weekend!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mmmm ~ Grandma's Chicken Soup

I love a good bowl of homemade chicken soup! Especially when it's cold outside. My Baba always had a pot of chicken soup on the stove. You know what, I don't ever remember him being sick, ever! Hmmm. Anyway, I love cooking it as much as I enjoy eating it, and so does my Sweetie. All the kids and grandkids love eating it, too.

Sometimes I make it the easy way, using only boneless, skinless chicken breast, but when I'm making it because we're under the weather, the whole chicken goes in the pot! Scientists now say there is something about homemade chicken soup stock, from the whole chicken, that actually has healing properties!

You mean Grandma wasn't wrong all these years when she threw that big pot on the stove when the first hint of the cold and flu season started!  Since January, this is the third big pot I've made and I'm starting another one on Monday!

Here's my tried and true recipe. My Granny told me one time, everyone likes something different, start from a basic recipe and let everyone add what they want - so here goes.

1 TBS veg oil (this can be omitted)                                         
1 5 pound chicken                                                                    
1 cup celery - chopped                                                           
1 medium onion - chopped                                                     
1/2  pound carrots - diced                                                     
2 1 qt containers Kirkland Broth                                            
1 1qt water                                                                            
4 Herb Ox chicken bouillon cubes                                         
1/2 tsp GRANULATED GARLIC - NOT SALT                      
1/2 tsp GROUND WHITE PEPPER                                      
1 can 15oz green beans (cut in half)                                       
Cut chicken at joints, leg, thigh, wing (cutoff little end with no meat) cut chicken in half discarding entire back half, cut breast meat from bones and cut into manageable pieces.  Heat a very large stock pot, add oil and chicken, granulated garlic and white pepper and brown slightly.Add broth and bring to boil. Turn down heat, cover lightly, simmer until chicken falls off bones - will take a couple of hours.

While the chicken is cooking, chop veggies and get ready. 

Using a colander or strainer, pour chicken and stock into a second large pot or bowl.  Be sure to no bones are left in pot.  Transfer stock back to pot and bring back to a boil - keeping the chicken and bones in the strainer with a bowl or pot to catch any additional stock.   Throw in the veggies, bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer with loose lid.

De-bone chicken, removing all skin, bones, joints - etc.  (Honestly this doesn't take that long but it is why, when I'm in a hurry, I use bones, skinless chicken breast.)   Chop the chicken, and add back to pot with veggies, adding water and bouillon cubes, bring back to boil and simmer with loose lid for a couple more hours.

 And then - this ~~~

If you would like, you could add rice, potatoes, or pearl barley.  I've used all three (one at a time, of course) and I've also made little pasta stars, or Orzo - left them on the side and added them at the table.  It seems like it will be bland, but honestly, if you try it without any other spices, you may find you like all of the natural flavors as the ingredients meld together as they simmer.  If you use this recipe, or decide to repost it, I'd appreciate giving me credit for the recipe.  This is published in my own cookbook.

This freezes excellently, and we put it through "My Fitness Pal" for those on a diet (like we are) and a two cup serving is only 171 calories!!  What we've been doing is cutting this to 1 cup of soup, adding a medium, loaded baked potato, and a large green salad (going with a small amount of dressing) and we are having a quite filling dinner for less than 300 calories!

Blessings to all, stay healthy and warm!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look What Came In The Mail!!

I think I've mentioned a time or two, we love living in a smaller, more rural area - Paso Robles has 25,000 people, give or take, and while that may sound like a lot, many stores won't move here when they can go 100 miles north, south or east and build in a bigger city.  I love to sew, and with the exception of Beverly's Fabrics we don't have much at all to choose from - so I've called on my daughter in law to help me a few times.  She not only has a friend who owns a store, she finds some IN CRED IBLE deals. 
This is my $32 box of stuff she bought for me!!!  40+ patterns!!  AND - - -
Tons and tons of ribbons, laces, zippers!!!   AND - - -
Almost 100 lace insets, sequins, tassels, tracing paper, buttons, patches, and all kids of pretty material.

She will go into a fabric store, or thrift store, and they may have an entire bag of zippers, all new, but out of the packages (thanks for helping!!), or a bag of patches, buttons, ribbon and lace, another time a big bag of material.  So here's the deal I made with her - I'll pay for the bags - $2 to $5, she takes what she wants out and sends me the rest after she fills up a new big box!!  Good deal for both of us!!

They work and live in the Denver Metro Area - so lots and lots of stores to choose from.  Thank you, Kim!  You,re a sweetheart!  And I love you very much! 

I'm in the middle of making some really sweet things for Valentine's Day I will share with you all tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Thursday - the weekend is coming!!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shhhhh - I've Got A Secret - A Secret Sister!

I'm a follower of The Blogging Sisters.  Mary Clewley is the owner of this wonderful blog where Christian women have the opportunity to share.  Mary asked if anyone was interested in having a "Secret Sister Pen Pal" for the year.
I love being a pen pal, reminds me of my younger years, and I love writing notes and cards, so of course I jumped at the chance!  We may send anything we'd like, a card, a letter, a gift, any thing at all, just something to let our "Secret Sister" know we're thinking about her!

Last month, in January, my sweet sister, sent me this hand sanitizer in this really cool holder called a PocketBloc I can attach to my purse!  It's absolutely perfect for me because it's one of my favorite scents, yummy Winter Cranberry, in my favorite color, pink, and because now it's right at my fingertips when I need it! 

The precious little card with the candlelabra has Valentine's Day Blessings for me! 

We won't know the name of our Secret Sister until December, and I can hardly wait to meet her!  Sweet Sister, I'm sorry to be late in posting this, I was away from home two weeks last month - and honestly, forgot to post my thank you.  Thank you so much for your kindness, your thoughtfulness and for your blessings for a wonderful Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Hooded Crochet Scarf

I've been looking for new patterns for my granddaughter, Elise, for a scarf and a hat.  It's so cold in the winter when they go to school, I wanted to keep her warm and toasty.  When I found this hooded scarf on AllFreeCrochet, I loved it.  A scarf and hat in one ~ 

Aesthetic Hooded Scarf Pattern

So I made this lovely hooded scarf for our lovely little granddaughter, in her school colors so it would match her uniform.

Here she is modeling it for us!

Elise is such a lovely young lady!  This color looks so pretty on her, too.  The only thing she asked for was a little fringe, so I did add that to the ends and it's packed up and ready to mail back to her tomorrow. 

While the pattern looks like it would be difficult, it isn't at all.  Moslty double crochet, and half double crochet, with the ridges on the hood all done after the hood is completed (before the scarf is started on the last row) in a single crochet added to the stitches exposed.  Fun and easy!  Fringe wasn't part of the original pattern, but so easy to add to any scarf!

Thanks for taking a peak.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We're supposed to get some rain here Tuesday, and boy does California need it, again.  They say it's going to be a very wet spring this year.  I sure hope so, as winter didn't bring much at all!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

What 45 Lessons, Plus 5, Taught Me

Since I posted the "45 Lessons Life Taught Me" on my blog on January 26th, many of you have copied and posted them as well.  Thank you so much for thinking this was as worth while I did.  I was reading a few comments on my dear friend's blog, Stitch of Love, and one person felt she should report the fact that Regina Brett is not 90, and she is listed in SNOPES and it is an Urban Legend - I really wish the gal, while correcting me, is right - Regina Brett at 90 years old wrote this article is an Urban Legend, had gone on to say Regina herself is not an Urban Legend, and she did indeed write this article - but at 45 years old.

She wrote the list because she was turning 45 years old, and hence the 45 Lessons, and why she wrote the list, below, which is from her website here

"The lessons reflect what I learned from life as a single parent for 18 years, struggling to find the right partner in life, battling breast cancer and healing the bruises from a bumpy childhood. And they reflect what I’ve learned from readers as my 27 years as a journalist."

When she turned 50, she added these 5 to her list
46. Silence the noise. In times of doubt or indecision, pause and make room for God.

47. To be a channel of peace, you have to stay open.

48. God will not have His work made manifest by cowards.

49. Leave a legacy time can't erase.

50. If you woke up today, God isn't through with you yet. 

Regina Brett is a remarkable woman, and I've listed her website above and here and I hope, if you are interested in learning more about her, you'll take a look.   She is indeed the author of the 45 Lessons Life Taught Me as well as the 50 Life Lessons, she wrote when turning 50!   Feel free to share this if you'd like.