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Saturday, February 4, 2012

What 45 Lessons, Plus 5, Taught Me

Since I posted the "45 Lessons Life Taught Me" on my blog on January 26th, many of you have copied and posted them as well.  Thank you so much for thinking this was as worth while I did.  I was reading a few comments on my dear friend's blog, Stitch of Love, and one person felt she should report the fact that Regina Brett is not 90, and she is listed in SNOPES and it is an Urban Legend - I really wish the gal, while correcting me, is right - Regina Brett at 90 years old wrote this article is an Urban Legend, had gone on to say Regina herself is not an Urban Legend, and she did indeed write this article - but at 45 years old.

She wrote the list because she was turning 45 years old, and hence the 45 Lessons, and why she wrote the list, below, which is from her website here

"The lessons reflect what I learned from life as a single parent for 18 years, struggling to find the right partner in life, battling breast cancer and healing the bruises from a bumpy childhood. And they reflect what I’ve learned from readers as my 27 years as a journalist."

When she turned 50, she added these 5 to her list
46. Silence the noise. In times of doubt or indecision, pause and make room for God.

47. To be a channel of peace, you have to stay open.

48. God will not have His work made manifest by cowards.

49. Leave a legacy time can't erase.

50. If you woke up today, God isn't through with you yet. 

Regina Brett is a remarkable woman, and I've listed her website above and here and I hope, if you are interested in learning more about her, you'll take a look.   She is indeed the author of the 45 Lessons Life Taught Me as well as the 50 Life Lessons, she wrote when turning 50!   Feel free to share this if you'd like.




  1. Very important life lessons. Now that you know she is real, I would like to just say this: To me, even if she wasn't real, the lessons are still valuable. *HUGS*

  2. Thank you my dear friend for this, the more we have learned about Regina and her wonderful lessons, the more we thank you her for such treasured words she's taught to the world!
    Love & Hugs,
    LS xoxoxoxoxo

  3. How inspiring. I just realized how new your blog really is. Do you know DebbyDoo's blog? You should pop over there and link up your card(last post) and get yourself out there as as a newbie. I know you will get lots of qualify for her newbies party. xo Diana

  4. Regina is inspiring and that is all that needs to be said!