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Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Hooded Crochet Scarf

I've been looking for new patterns for my granddaughter, Elise, for a scarf and a hat.  It's so cold in the winter when they go to school, I wanted to keep her warm and toasty.  When I found this hooded scarf on AllFreeCrochet, I loved it.  A scarf and hat in one ~ 

Aesthetic Hooded Scarf Pattern

So I made this lovely hooded scarf for our lovely little granddaughter, in her school colors so it would match her uniform.

Here she is modeling it for us!

Elise is such a lovely young lady!  This color looks so pretty on her, too.  The only thing she asked for was a little fringe, so I did add that to the ends and it's packed up and ready to mail back to her tomorrow. 

While the pattern looks like it would be difficult, it isn't at all.  Moslty double crochet, and half double crochet, with the ridges on the hood all done after the hood is completed (before the scarf is started on the last row) in a single crochet added to the stitches exposed.  Fun and easy!  Fringe wasn't part of the original pattern, but so easy to add to any scarf!

Thanks for taking a peak.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  We're supposed to get some rain here Tuesday, and boy does California need it, again.  They say it's going to be a very wet spring this year.  I sure hope so, as winter didn't bring much at all!



  1. Hi Donna,
    How beautiful--and so is your gorgeous model!!! You are featured on my link party, so I hope you will have a chance to come and take a look!!! Sending ((((hugs))),

  2. Beautiful,Donna! It looks fantastic on your lovely, Elise. Love that color too.

  3. Donna, That is just darling. Don't you love it when you can make something that the kids will really love and enjoy wearing? I have never learned to crochet and knit...sad but true. I should put that on my list of "to do" things. xo Diana

  4. It's beautiful and so is she!!!! I'm super jealous, that is so cool!!! I really love that it is a scarf and hat in one. Wish I knew how to crochet!!

  5. You did a beautiful job on the scarf Donna. Your grand daughter looks so cute modeling it too.


  6. OH WOW!!! Elise looks wonderful and the scarf looks great on her! These photos are really gorgeous and I love enjoying her big smile of happiness! Wasn't Grandma's heart singing when taking these pictures? He he he! The scarf is so beautiful, my dear friend! I believe she will wear it each day to school, with love!
    Such a heartwarming post!!!
    Much love
    LS, xoxoxo

  7. Oh I love your hooded scarf , I just bought myself a hooded scarf in december but its not as nice as yours. Your grandaughter is so pretty too and a very good model :) I can't crochet but always wish i could.
    You asked if i made my own roses for the tag i made. No i didnt make those but i do make my own flowers and roses sometimes too
    Hugs June x

  8. They are so lovely!! And yes, very needed here in the cold part of the US. Also, if she is like my boys who lose their hat, gloves or scarf 10 times a school year, it is so much harder to lose!!!