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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A New Scarf For Isaac!

Isaac originally asked me to make him a scarf in school colors.  The grandkids attend a Catholic School and their accessories should match as closely at possible to their uniforms.  This color worked perfectly for them.

He wants to wear it like most of the guys do, like the photo, so it doesn't constantly need fussing with!

I really struggled with this one, because Isaac, like most boys, didn't want any foo foo stitching, fringe, nada.  I ended up just making a simple scarf in a long round, using mostly double crochet (foundation row in a half double for strength) and made it about as tall as I am.

I posted a hooded scarf for Isaac's sister, Elise, a week or so ago.  I started wee ones (Leila's) last night.  Leila's with be a variation of Elise's, but no scarf.  Hers I will design as a hat, or hood, with a collar and a button for a closure.  She doesn't want any of "those things that fall down in the front ALL the time!  (her emphasis!)

Thanks for taking a peak!  I can't wait so get a picture of Isaac wearing his new scarf!



  1. What a handsome scarf. I just know he's going to love it! Great job, as always. *hugs*

  2. i have a blue scarf that i wear all the time, but it's not handmade. your scarf looks so warm. here from jill's.

    1. Thank you Ed for popping by. Enjoy your scarf how ever it was made, it's keeping you warm!


  3. Perfect scarf for a boy!!!!

    You do beautiful work Donna :)

  4. Your scarf is fantastic! I love to knit and crochet also. I have four adult children, but no grandchildren yet. I look forward to knitting for my grandchildren.


  5. What a lovely scarf you made for your grandson - no wonder he really like it. I used to knit a lot many many years ago. I should really take it up again because I used to find it so relaxing.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower and congratulations on your award. Jill is such a sweetie.
    I've become your newest follower too :))

  6. Oh, he will love his scarf!!! It looks fantastic!!! I'm sure that he will be really excited and it is such a wonderful gift from his loving grandma!!!

  7. Hi Donna,
    I know Isaac will love his new scarf and it will keep him warm. You did a great job for the male "look" and the color is perfect. I am sure her will enjoy his handmade scarf for many years to come, afterall, it's straight from the heart.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my bag. Did you make yours using fabric handles? I thought I might try that with the next one I create.
    The bamboo handles were from the pattern, but that is just about it.
    Have a great weekend, Donna,

  8. Oh my dear friend,
    The scarf is great! I can feel how much love you put in! Such a treasured gift from so loving Grandma! I bet Isaac will be thrilled and will enjoy wearing it with love!!!
    Have a wonderful day, my sweet friend!
    Love and hugs!
    LS xoxo