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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look What Came In The Mail!!

I think I've mentioned a time or two, we love living in a smaller, more rural area - Paso Robles has 25,000 people, give or take, and while that may sound like a lot, many stores won't move here when they can go 100 miles north, south or east and build in a bigger city.  I love to sew, and with the exception of Beverly's Fabrics we don't have much at all to choose from - so I've called on my daughter in law to help me a few times.  She not only has a friend who owns a store, she finds some IN CRED IBLE deals. 
This is my $32 box of stuff she bought for me!!!  40+ patterns!!  AND - - -
Tons and tons of ribbons, laces, zippers!!!   AND - - -
Almost 100 lace insets, sequins, tassels, tracing paper, buttons, patches, and all kids of pretty material.

She will go into a fabric store, or thrift store, and they may have an entire bag of zippers, all new, but out of the packages (thanks for helping!!), or a bag of patches, buttons, ribbon and lace, another time a big bag of material.  So here's the deal I made with her - I'll pay for the bags - $2 to $5, she takes what she wants out and sends me the rest after she fills up a new big box!!  Good deal for both of us!!

They work and live in the Denver Metro Area - so lots and lots of stores to choose from.  Thank you, Kim!  You,re a sweetheart!  And I love you very much! 

I'm in the middle of making some really sweet things for Valentine's Day I will share with you all tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Thursday - the weekend is coming!!



  1. Oh this is amazing!!! and so much fun!!
    sending (((hugs))) your way!

  2. Wow! Looks like Christmas at your house. How much fun! Now I just can't wait to see your Valentine's projects. :)

  3. Gosh Donna, it's like Christmas again only better 'cause you'l be enjoying creating with all these goodies for a long time!!!
    How fun!!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  5. I would love to find deals like that. I have at times found things at garage sales, and after I go through the box maybe only keep a couple of things. I can then bundle things and put in my own sale. Nothing lost........but that stash looks awesome.

  6. What a great haul! Such great deals!
    I am a new follower!

  7. Wow Donna! So many neat things for you to make some new goodies with. I bet it was a lot of fun digging through all your new crafty things.


  8. Oh my dear friend! Those are beautiful! You had a great deal with your wonderful daughter! :) Enjoy it and I'm so happy you got it before Valentine's Day! Can't wait to see your projects for Valentine!
    I have an award for you, please drop by my blog and take it! Hope you like it too!
    Great weekend and have fun!
    Lovestitch xoxoxo

  9. Hi Donna,
    I hope that you have a fabulous weekend!!!! Our Mardi Gras parade is tomorrow, and of course, I have guests for a week...I just wanted to say "hi" and have a beautiful weekend, my friend.