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Friday, February 17, 2012

Grandma's Got A New Do!

You know when you get a really bad hair cut by your stylist, the first time you figure it's a fluke and they were just having a bad day.  The second time I get a bad one, it's Adios!  So, as you can see by my photo below, it's been quite some time since my last hair cut - a well over a year.
I've been looking for someone for a long while.  My key when interviewing is, I'd like it cut in layers all the way down the lenght of my hair.  When they start telling me about the new styles and how I might look better, I don't bother. Been there, done that, had to grow my hair back!  I try to find ladies who have a nice cut and ask them who does their hair.  There are a lot of really short cuts these days, or just long like mine.  I finally walked in to a shop Wednesday and asked the gal, "would you be able to cut my hair like this?" (I'd taken a photo in with me.)  She said sure!  She was wearing close to the style I wanted and was cutting the style I wanted, so I thought I'd actually be in to the right place! 

Liz had an appointment open for today at 2:30 and look what she did for me!  I love it!  Bangs need to grow out (I'd been chopping them off for the last year!), but the cut is perfect!
I have the straightest hair, so I'm thinking in a couple of weeks I'll be getting a body perm and that way it will have a little bounce and body (duh) to it.  It's long enough to wear it up, which I do 80% of the time, especially in the warm weather.  I love it! And, my Sweetie loves it, too!

If you live in the Central Coast, Paso Robles area, Liz McMahan, at The Secret Garden, is a wonderful stylist.  She's not afraid to cut layers in your hair, listens to what you want done - I think she's great!

Thanks for taking a peak - I know this isn't something crafty or something good to eat, but just thought I'd share a little of me with you!



  1. I just popped on from the hotel internet. Donna, your hair looks great! I have my own hair cut in long layers, too. I finally found a gal that GETS IT! I am just like you- when I see someone with a great hair cut I ask them who cuts their hair. lol It is a gorgeous cut and about the same length as mine is right now. I'm with you- I may be out-of-current-style but I am happy with it! And I think long hair is ageless myself~ xo Diana

  2. Oh Donna! You look beautiful! Liz did a great job. I'm so glad you are pleased with it. There is just something about a good hair cut that can makes us feel so a new woman! *HUGS*

  3. Donna, your hair looks fab. Your hair looks lovely and thick. Nothing quite like a good haircut. I'm glad you are pleased with it.

  4. Getting a good stylist is the hardest thing in the world. I have one I love, and never have to worry about what my hair is going to look like after the cut. Your style suits you--very pretty.

  5. You look lovely Donna!!!!!
    Boy, when you find a good stylist, you never want to let go!

  6. Donna your hair looks beautiful!! I have natural curly hair (did I mention it's curly and am surprised at how many people are frighten to cut a style into ... I found a gal who listens...and she is brilliant! xo Blessings HHL

  7. Donna you are so gorgeous! Love the new "do".


  8. Your hair is perfect Donna and looks so beautiful. I think the cut is just what you needed. It's always nice to finally find someone that can do what you want and knows how to listen. I am like you, once summer hits, the hair goes up. HA
    You are just like the comment before me, gorgeous!!
    Tell your daughter in law, I wish I was closer, I would love to make soap, we could have worked together. Does she sell her soaps online, I love to have a peek,

  9. Well I wish I was there because I am in the same exact boat. For years I had a wonderful stylist but wouldn't you know it, she moved (insert not a 'sniff' but a big sob here.) Her replacement gave me my last 2 haircuts and they were horrendous so I haven't gone back and now my hair is half way down my back and driving me crazy. I've got to find someone to cut it for me but I'm scared to death of what they might do. Your's looks great, (that's pretty much how I want mine too.) Wish me luck.

  10. I love your hair, the color is fab! I don't think you need a perm. It's fabulous!

  11. Donna you have gorgeous gorgeous hair! I do not think you need a perm at looks so healthy and thick now.

  12. Hi Donna, so nice of you to stop by, I'm sure via Cindy's. ;) I'm gonna miss that girl...once a month will take getting used to.
    I love your new hair style. It's so difficult to find someone who gets it just right. And I agree with Debbie, your hair looks healthy and thick and I would think it through before getting that perm.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Much love!

  13. Oops, almost forgot about the cinnamon tags you asked about. Since I used cinnamon tea to stain them, they retained the fragrance for a while. I also placed a cinnamon tea bag along with them when packaged. ;)

  14. Hi Donna,
    You look beautiful and I love the cut--it's fabulous! I'll bet Don was thinking "Ohh-la-la!" I love it!!

  15. You go girl!! I LOVE it!! She did an awesome job! Not too short that you can't pull it up (that is one of my criteria too!), and just long enough to curl around the bottom. You look lovely! Of course your mister loves it!
    And thanks for your sweet words about Cindy featuring me! She is a special lady indeed!!

  16. Hi Donna,
    Love your hair cut!!! Your hair looks so thick and healthy!!!!
    Have a great day!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  17. Oh Gosh, my sweet friend!
    You are so beautiful!!! Your hair cut is really amazing! I'm so happy you found such a wonderful stylist!
    It's so bad I missed out many posts on your blog recently, I just found some time today and stopped by, and had a great surprise with your new look! You look very beautiful, so happy and delightful! I love your hair too, it's w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!!!
    Hope your new week is fabulous!!!
    Much much love
    LS xoxoxo

    I love the way the back lays and the cut makes your face just shine. Lovely.

  19. Hi Donna! I haven't been able to visit my bloggy friends, but just had to pop over and tell you how much you bless me!! What a sweet encouragement you always are...just makes my heart happy!!!

    And dear, your hair looks fabulous!! I love that it is natural and how it frames your face. I don't highlight my hair any more since I have white highlights! I don't hate them like most women do. They are our crown, you know? I told hubby I'll leave it like it is unless he starts feeling like he's married to an old lady...then and only then will I do anything to it! LOL!!

    Thank you for being you, and for your contagious kindness!! :o) You're a joy!!

    Love and hugs to you sweetie!

  20. Hi Donna,

    I just adore your new hair style. I agree there is nothing worse than a bad haircut which takes months to grow out. Your layers look fabulous!

  21. O'Donna, your new do looks beautiful and so are you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  22. Donna,
    Your hair is beautiful. The color is great. I'm looking for a new stylist and need a new hairdo...

  23. Donna it looks absolutely fabulous. A lovely cut and suits you very much. I have long hair too and have left it for just as long, its a pity i dont live there, i would be straight to your Liz for my hair do :)
    Hugs June x