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Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to Start Sewing Projects!

Today my new Brother Sewing Machine and Serger arrived!  I am so happy!  It's time to get the material out I've been picking up the last two years and start sewing.  I have drapery material for our master bath and bedroom, some beautiful fabric for a duvet cover and skirting for the guest bed, plus tons more.

I'll set up the old machine right next to me for my little granddaughter to learn to sew.  She's so excited!  She even tried out some basic stitching over the holidays and was very good ~ making her little sis a bag with some goodies in it.  She really enjoys it and at 8 is old enough to learn - that's about the age I first started sewing and I've done fairly well.  She is such a joy to have with me, she listens very well, and tries to do exactly what she's shown.  I'd like her to learn we all make mistakes and it's OK.  I can hardly wait for Spring break to have her here to work with me.  (Big brother and little sis with be coming, too.)  I have some material and patterns for her American Dolls.  Exciting!

Blessings, Donna

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