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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Is Around The Corner

My goodness!  Where is time going?  It's only 5 days before Easter!  FIVE DAYS??!!  Holy Cow!  Well, it is, so I need to stop stressing about it and just get stuff done!  What needs to be done, you ask?  Well, we will have our son and his family over for Easter, hide over one hundred eggs for the kids, (yes, over 100, I think it's almost 130, but I'm not telling anyone!), have dinner, then my daughter in law, Karla, and son, Albert, will go off and spend some time at the beach celebrating Albert's 40th birthday, we get to keep our wee ones for the rest of the week!  Oh, I can hardly wait!  I love having them.

But, before they come for Easter (Saturday night) I have 16 pounds of strawberries to put up in jam, 12 pounds of oranges to put up in jam, make dinner ahead of time (we're having a ham and cold salads with home made breads) and the desserts, put the office back together (it's been in the living room for the past month while we cleaned, then got a big project that needed to be completed before we could move it back!), get the house cleaned up and try to relax a bit (oh yea, right!) so I can entertain the kids for a week. 

What was I think about by buying all those strawberries for jam?  They looked so good, and the weather has been so Topsy Turvy with warm, sunny days then cold, rainy ones, we're not sure if this will be the only crop or if there will be a normal one in May.  It is early for strawberries, usually not for several weeks.  But, I'll take them when they're here!  And, on sale for $1 a pound, again - an unheard of price!   We froze 18 to 20 pounds two weeks ago.  That's why I'm thinking the crop is early.  We only have a few jars of jam left from last years crop, so timing is great!  Then I'm trying my hand at orange jam this year.  I've made marmalade before, but this is strictly orange jam, fruit of the orange only.  No lemon, and no rinds from either.  Yummy!  I made two loaves of Sourdough Rustic Bread last night, and will make some white bread Saturday for the kids next week, then try my hand at something new, a cinnamon breakfast bread and some rolls for dinner.

We're trying something new for Sunday Easter dinner.  Cooking the ham on Saturday, serving it cold, with cold salads on Sunday.  Sounds good to me.  Cinnamon bread, hot out of the oven for breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, then dinner when the sugar rush wears off!  I'll make the salads on Saturday, too.  That way, we just visit on Sunday with the little time Albert and Karla are here.  40 years old, when did he grow up, have kids of his own, get to be 40?  I think it's the time flying thing!  he he he!

Still working on the hexagon afghan.  More than half finished though, so it's coming along.  Need to finish my Easter cards and get them in the mail, birthday cards need to be finished too.  My other daughter in law has a birthday on Friday.  Kim is a doll.  I love both of my daughter in laws.  I am very blessed.  I have always felt like they were daughters, like my daughter is to me.

That's it for today!  I wish you all a lovely and blessed Easter.  Enjoy having family together, hiding and hunting eggs, but most of all, the blessing of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He died, baring all of our sins, arose from the dead, ascended in to heaven - He did this to save us. 

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Blessings, Donna

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