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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We started are day with praising the Lord!  Isn't awesome that we live in a Country where we can worship our Lord, Jesus Christ!?  In a Country where we are all free to worship in any church, of any religion we care to.  Marvelous!  I love being Christian, I love my Lord!

My son, Albert, Karla and the children came this morning and had a home baked cinnamon pull apart bread, fresh strawberry and fresh fruit brunch then the kids went out for the Easter egg hunt!  Some were hidden pretty well, some in plain sight!  Some of the ones right out in the open were the last to be found!  The kids had a blast and we had fun watching them!

Karla has taken Albert away for a spa night for his birthday, and the children will spend the week with us!  We're so happy to have them!  We plan on taking walks to see the deer, sewing classes for Elise, making rock figures and painting faces on them to look like animals, painting (I bought each a 12x16 canvas to paint) and lots of other crafts.  Oh - they're going to help me with the garden, too!  We have lots of plants and seeds to plant!  Good times!  They are out of school the week after Easter each year, so it works good for us.  We enjoy them so much.  Our daughter's two boys are already grown - 18 & 21 years old this year.  Too big to come play at Grandma and Grandpa's!  We were blessed though to have them for extended visits too, when they were wee ones! 

Time to throw the ham in the oven for dinner.  Just made 6 salads and 2 breads for Easter dinner.  So, I'd better get things heated - need more of a schedule when the wee ones are here!

Enjoy your day, enjoy your holiday what ever it might be.  If you are with friends, enjoy time with them.  If you're with family, make new memories and share your love with them.  Time goes by so quickly so do let a moment be wasted, let bygones be bygones,  love each other, live fully, life is way to short not to!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring   

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  1. What a lovely post. Happy Easter to you also. Enjoy your week with your wee ones.