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Thursday, May 19, 2011

May is Going Fast!

Oh my gosh!  Time is going by so quickly!  This month we celebrated Mother's Day rather low key.  Which was OK for me this year.  I heard from all of my children and spent a lovely day with my husband.  Talked with Mom a bit, and just relaxed!

The relaxing was very nice as I had my little ones for a week!  I love them dearly, and bless you all who have children late in life, but I'm still tired, actually I'm still exhausted!  They have more energy than I remember having, and my little mini me, Leila, has only one speed - GO - from the time her little eyes open in the morning until it's bed time and we turn off the light and close the door, she is off and running.  And, no more naps!  She's not a baby any more!

We had a wonderful time with them.  They each painted a canvas picture for their rooms or Mom and Dad.  They love when they get to paint with all of my acrylics in my outside studio.  I have hundreds of bottles of different kinds and colors of paints and they so enjoy doing something special like going through all of the colors and painting with my big paint brushes!  Little artists, all three (as were the two older ones who are too old now to come paint with me!)  Next time, I would really like to break out the gesso and moulding compounds and teach them to use texture in their art work!  The girls also did some scrapping and sewing.  Isaac even took his little sis out and they tried to journal all of the lizards in the yard, according to size, colorings, markings, and names (of course).  They are all growing up way too fast! 

This week our youngest son will fly in from Colorado!  Unfortunately his wife will not be coming and the trip will only be for the weekend!  Would love for it to have been longer, but later this summer he'll be back out!

My afghan is almost finished!  Only two more rows and it will be complete.  I really love it.  I didn't think I would like it this much.  After all, it's made up of all of the bits and pieces, little balls of yarn not enough to do another project with, but I just couldn't bare throwing away!  And, it is lovely.  By the end of next week I should have pictures up.

I am really loving baking with the King Arthur Brand flour and all of the other goodies they sell.  My newest is sourdough pretzels!  Oh man are they delicious!  Hot from the oven, nice large soft pretzels.  They heat up well in the microwave or toaster oven, too.  Tomorrow I'm making another sourdough chocolate cake.  Yummy!!

I've been working on getting my blog updated and that should be done by the end of the month.  It's been a lot to look at.  There are several wonderful sites out there that have many designs free and for sale.  I just have to make decisions on what background goes with which buttons, and other functions I would like to use.

It's late and time to retire.  Thanks for stopping by, and blessings to all!

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  1. Wow! How I love the new look of your blog! Love the beautiful vintage background you are choosing! Can't wait to see your next creations on the blog face-lift campaign! :)
    Take good care my dear friend! I really love enjoying your blog!
    Love and big hugs to you! xoxo