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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Long Distance Thrift Store Purchases!

My sweet daughter in law in Colorado sent me this box of goodies, just jam packed and filled to the brim!

This is what the box was full of!  Can this girl pack a box or what?  There's a little of this, a bit of that and a bunch of everything! 
Here, let me show you around!

Here are some pearls and beads.  Oh, just look at the ribbon - the organza blue ribbon off to the side!  There's also some in some yummy green, yellow and lots of tapestry ribbon!

 Lots and lots and lots of lace!
By the yard and look at the Eyelet Lace with Roosters! Cute, cute, cute!

Kim found the prettiest antique doilies!  Some stitches I've never seen before and all well taken care of!  Very few had stains, and I think I can tea dye them and use them for other items!  Oh ~ I love it!
So much beauty!!  Don't you agree?
 Tons of Ribbons, cording and
Calla Lily's on Ribbons!
And then there's bundles and bundles and bundles of this stuff - paper raffia ribbon - I don't know what to use this for!  Any ideas?  Any of you use it for ?  What???  Let me know, as I have lots of it!!!

Looks like great fun to work with ~ just need to know what, when, where and how?
Ideas?  Suggestions??  Have you used it yourself?  This is only a small portion of it!
Thank you so much Kim!  She is such a sweetie to go out and bargain hunt for me!  All of this cost me what??  A whopping $17 - yep - this gal knows how to shop! 
Love you, Sweetie!
Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. Wow! It's like Christmas. That is really a fantastic lot. I can't wait to see what you create with it all!

  2. What a box full of stuff! I love it! She knows you well, doesn't she? I have to tell you that I made a hundred of those paper ribbon wreaths back in the day. Basically, you unwind the paper and then make it into bows and use it on wreaths, etc. There are probably other uses for it but that is what I used to use it for. Oh...yeah... I also made "corn husk" dolls out of the natural/brown paper ribbon. Oh- and you can unwrap it and make flowers out of it, too. xo Diana

  3. WOW Donna, your daughter sure did look out for you! What a box of goodies!! Way back when, I use to make baskets with the paper ribbons. I sold a many of them at craft fairs. I'm not even sure if I still have the instructions on how to make them. I will have to look. Have you tried to google paper ribbon to see what comes up? It's worth a try. Enjoy your day my friend, Gail

  4. You really got a box full of treasures. Aren't daughter the greatest!

    About our backgrounds. Two great minds with but a single thought. ;-)

  5. Wow what an amazing box of wonderful things to craft with. Your DIL sure knows what you love.


  6. Wow, wow, wow, I am jealous!!!!
    What a fun box of wonderful goodies!
    Does she shop for others, LOL?

  7. Wow Donna! Looks like a treasure box full of goodies! I've seen people decorate baskets with the raffia by making a bow and using fabric stiffener...I would use the doilies in a sewing project. What fun you are going to have coming up with creative ideas for all this great stuff.