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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Day of the Month

Can you believe tomorrow is the 1st of November already?  Where did this year go?!  

Last week my new Bind It All and 3 new Cricut Cartridges came!  Yeah!  I'm looking forward to making mini books and word albums with the BIA.  It's so cool.  I can't think of another thing I need in my scrapbook and card making area.  A few things I want maybe, but, need - not a thing really!  I can't wait to try it out and make my first mini book!  I won't be until later in November or December, though. 

November will be a busy month.  First I will be visiting with my wee little ones, then our teenage grandson will be coming over to help us with a few of the heavy duty chores and finish getting all of my Christmas decorations up.  Mid month I will be with my mom helping her through yer another surgery, getting home just in time to have a Thanksgiving dinner with our dear friends Pam and Joe.  And then ~ you guessed it ~ we will be at the end of yet another month!

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, November 2nd!  This is probably one of the most important elections we have the opportunity to vote in  ~ So get out there and vote!

Voting is a privilege that gives us the right to speak out for or against our politicians, what they do and what they don't do.  We must always remember ~ the power for the direction of our country, our lives and the life we wish to have our children and grandchildren to lead, starts with us.  Please join my husband, Don, and me and pray for our country and vote for the candidates who believe in our Republic, our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence! 

Blessings, Donna

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