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Thursday, June 30, 2011

From Pieces to Night Tables

I love yard sales, Estate sales, barn sales, rummage sales, block or neighborhood sales - I just love going through all of the stuff, junk as some people call it, to find treasures. 

My daughter is an expert at this.  She has a creative streak going through her with a pair of eyes that can find the inner beauty of a piece, or to find something in pieces and see it recycled or re-purposed.  Clean it, paint it, sand it, cut it up and make something else.  She's crazy good!  Amazingly talented.

I also love the hunt, to find something and turn it back into something useful, beautiful.  I've been on the look out for a pair of night tables for our adult guest room.  Not knowing quite the direction of the room yet - it was painted and now after a couple of years, we're not liking the color - so before I make the duvet cover matching the window dressing I've already made, I thought if I found some tables, I might just find a direction.

When I found these two tables a couple of weeks ago, my sweetheart rolled his eyes.  He is not like me - he does not like "used" furniture.  And, he took one look at these and thought I was crazy.  You see, I don't know about you, but I have wip's stashed everywhere!  I'm going to get to them all - as soon as I ...  I know I'm not the only one with projects all over the place!  I loved the dark cherry wood finish and the green marble tops.  When I took a look at them and I knew what had happened to them and just how to fix them.  After negotiating a great price, $15 for both tables, my garage sale buddy and I loaded these babies up and took them home.

Here they are - once I figured out the one table had been put together completely upside down, I removed the legs, turned them over, knocked off all of the pieces of wood from the marble (which had been glued on by guessing where they fit), glued all of the legs on properly, sides on the right way (some were upside down and backward), cleaned the crust of dirt and dust using a bit of elbow grease.  Then applying some good furniture polish and polishing the marble - well, as you can see, my little night tables look pretty darn good!
Last winter, my grandson helped me make a king size headboard.  He helped cut the wood, we added a sizable amount of padding for comfort, and covered it in a black suede type material.  It has a very simple curve and will add a lot to the room as well.  So, this time next month, the headboard will be hung (my Colorado Kids are coming out to visit and help with some things around the house) and I'll be on my way to finding the right color to put on the walls.  I think if we simply use a light gray, it will blend the room a bit more and everything will look in place.

This week when my buddy and I hit the sales, I'll be looking for pictures for the walls and a couple of larger lamps!  We'll see what we find!

Have fun with what ever you're working on!
Many blessings,


  1. Oh WOW, you got great finds, Donna! I'm so excited that you linked them up!!! And also, wishing you and Don and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  2. Oh Boy, what a makeover! Those look like a Bombay Company table! What a find.

  3. There is nothing finer than finding new treasures to refurbish. Loved seeing your night table project. TFS. I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at
    Hugs, Gayle.

  4. Great idea! So very clever! So glad I saw you at Cindy's Woman Thing link party. ~Diane (I am #31)