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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Has Arrived!

Today is the second day of Summer and boy has it arrived!  We've had a few days now at 100+ degrees, but we are expecting some relief - 99 today, down to 96 tomorrow, then 91 or so for the next few days after.  Low 90's is perfect.  Very warm, but usually not too hot and we can get by with just the fans on.  The air conditioner makes my bones ache so much!  I just stay clear of the vents! 

My garden in loving the warm weather.  All of a sudden the squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers are so happy!  They are growing like weeds!  And, speaking of weeds, they are trying to grow right along with them! he he he!  It's a constant battle to keep them from taking over sometimes!  I think we may be harvesting a couple of tomatoes at weeks end.  Only a couple of small ones.  We never did find our patio tomatoes, so we'll make do with the pear tomatoes again this year.  These are supposed to cluster.  So far it's a cluster of 4 or 5 on 2 branches!  I think I may need to get the Miracle Gro on them!  Jump start after not having much of a Spring to get ready to grow.

Don went out this morning to check the water lines around the yard.  With this heat, we have to stay on top of the water lines to make sure we haven't sprung any leaks or rips in the lines.  He found our Grow Camp Greenhouse system we put in last year has melted down into a very large W in the middle and the top of the system has collapsed!  I had some slight concerns last year with some bulging on the sides, but the company was very unresponsive, so I simply called Costco this morning, we purchased through them, and they are offering to take care of calling the company for us and will offer a new one be delivered or our money refunded.  I'm very impressed with the customer service!  $600 is nothing to sneeze at and hardly a price to pay for only one year of service from a greenhouse system.  They will be getting back to me in the next few days, and I'll let you know how this turns out.

So, since the greenhouse won't work for my veggies this year, I may try potting my beets and carrots, lettuce, along with the herbs.  The peppers and tomatoes, and the cucumbers we planted in the Grow Camp last year, lasted until December or January.  So, I was really hoping for some row crops in it this year.  Plan B!

I have finished many of my projects.  I've finished a beautiful "Friend" album.  I will be showing photos of it later.  I have figured out how to download photos now.  Yeah!  How many months, or years, has it taken me?  I started, and finished, a cowl last week - no photos of that one - I no sooner completed it when I tried it on and it was huge!  I ripped it out and will reuse it on another.  I did leave a comment on Red Heart about it too.  It was exact to the measurements on the pattern, and was very simple and easy to complete.  I love cowls, and would rather wear them than a scarf most times.  I don't have to worry about the darn thing coming off or hanging in the way if I'm doing something.  I love to keep my neck warm, with my spinal injuries, it helps to keep the pain down.

That's it for today.  I'm busy downloading 800 or so photos I've taken since Christmas!  I want to get some new pages here on my blog, too.  I'll be back later to post some of them!

I wish every one a safe and happy summer!

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