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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hexagon Afghan

I finished this beautiful afghan a couple of months ago.  I originally made it as a throw for the children's guest bed, but it grew into more of a spread!  I used a total of 195 hexagons, 13 long by 15 wide.

This "Hexagon Afghan" is made of all the little bits of yarn we have left over from projects passed.  You know . . . all of those partial skeins.  The leftovers that won't really go with anything else, and there's not enough yarn left to even make a cap with or colors we needed to use with another project, but by itself it just didn't seem to go with anything - like the bright orange!  I took all the bits and strands and made this afghan with it.  Like all crocheters, I save everything that's left over.  Some little balls of yarn were no more than two yards or so - you just never know what you'll need or when you'll need it!  

This was a great "take a long" project.  I took this every time I was going to be in the car for more than 20 minutes or traveling away from home.  What I liked best about this project is I made step one, just the inner part of the hexagon and make five or six from one color, start another color and so on.  I made 100 to start with, of the centers.  Then I did the second round on all of them.  Then the third.  I laid them all out before starting the last, adjoining row.  It did end up almost double than I had originally planned.

Mixing the colors so none looked exactly alike.  True scraps!  In fact I didn't use any new skeins at all!  All were left overs!  All were done in acrylic yarn from different yarn companies, but all were the same weight.  As I got to the fourth and final round of the hexagon, the joining row, this is where having all of them laid out really helped.  This turned out to be a lot of fun!  I'd forgotten how much yarn I have! 
While putting this together, I had to use the guest bed to lay them all out because, as you can see, I needed there to be a way to make sure I mixed up the colors well.
I love seeing what we all do with our left overs!  This reminded me a bit of quilting.  I bit of this and that and beauty appears!

Blessings and thank you for taking a look at my project!


  1. Wow your hexie blankie looks so beautiful, very glad it's a keeper and you'll get to enjoy it every single day!
    Lots of love

  2. Beautiful labor of love and a heirloom that should be treasured!