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Thursday, August 25, 2011

25 Things for Charity

I just joined a new group - 25 Things for Charity.  This is not a commitment to send everything or actually anything to this particular group.  The rules are the simplest I've ever read in a group ~

The Rules
There are none. Craft as many items as you want, send them to where ever you want, and then let them know about it.  That is the most important part - share your charity crafting pictures and favorite charities.

Honestly, I don't know how long I will stay in the group, as I'm so new, less than a few hours.  But, I love the idea.  It keeps my charity work front and center for me.  I am not (as they do not) recommending to any one to donate to a certain group.  I do have a few groups near and dear to me and, actually, this has encouraged me to do a little more in the crocheting and crafting department. 

I will share mine with you, but encourage you to find what touches your heart.  I love giving to my local Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) group.  I am a proud member.  Our chapter has been very active making lapgans, scarves, caps, gloves, and tons more, along with donations of other items veterans and soldiers in the Veteran's Hospital in Fresno, California, may find comforting.  We have so many talented and giving ladies in our group!

Another is our local Women's Shelter.  I had no idea how much these groups do for battered and abused women and children.  We had a family member who needed assistance and were amazed at what is offered, no strings attached, just helping women and children who are in terrible and desperate situations!  This sometimes means the difference between life and death, in extreme cases.

The last one is Loaves and Fishes, a group who feeds the hungry.  While it is a Christian organization, there again are no strings attached when it comes to religion.  They feed people who are hungry!  Singles and families in our local area, who don't have enough money left and the end of the month, or have no money at any time of the month.  It's not just at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas when so may of us think of giving to our local food banks or shelters, our friends and neighbors are hungry all year long! 

What do I have to do?  We don't HAVE to do anything.  We may do anything we want to do.  I know many of us don't have a lot of extra money to give, but maybe we could buy a couple of extra cans of soup, or vegetables when they are on sale.  Start a box, and when it's full, take it down.

No extra money?  Do you craft?  What about a comfort scarf, or shawl, a cap, gloves?  Maybe you use beads, polymer clay, woodwork - what craft do you have?  We are all blessed with something!  Make a little something, and give it with love to cheer someone.

Time!  Do you have an extra hour or two a week to help out?  That's a gift of one's self, and we hardly ever think of it!  Give up an extra hour or two of TV time and help someone or some group.

My most important gift - prayer.  This is personal - say what you want to God - He listens to everything we say, and answers every prayer. 

Do what you can, what you are lead to do.

Many blessings,

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