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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Day of Creating

Today I will be making Happy New Year gift plates for those we didn't see in the two weeks before Christmas.  Homemade fudge and mini cheesecakes!  So, two of my favorite things - cooking and baking; and giving to others.  A happy day!  We will be seeing many friends and business acquaintances both Thursday and Friday!

Later in the day, I would like to try a new crochet pattern for a butterfly.  It is just darling!  Yesterday I made a cupcake bookmark that just turned out adorable!  I will post both when the butterfly is finished.

Have a wonderful day. It looks to be beautiful today after a night of rain and chilly weather, and we do need rain here in California!  Both tonight and tomorrow night it looks to be a real feel in the teens - chilly for sure!  Then more rain on the weekend.

Many blessings, Donna

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