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Monday, July 16, 2012

* * * And Time Flies By * * *

I cannot believe it has been a week since my last post!  A couple of wonderful friends wrote and asked if I was doing OK, if the family was well, was everything going alright?  Yes, yes and yes! I've just been really busy and time, literally just flew by!

A lot has happened in all our lives!  Does it seem to anyone else, the older we get, the faster time goes by?  I remember family elders saying that, and of course when we were kids we thought anyone as old as are parents didn't know what they're talking about!  When we were teenagers, time went by so slowly we could hardly wait to get out of the house!  Oh, but then came the rat race of college, working, families, and we all thought, "Ah, as soon as they're raised we'll be able to relax and enjoy life!"

So, here we are and time seems to go by so fast, it almost feels like we're on a fast train!  All these sights keep just keep going by, or we by them, so fast!  I thought of that when Don called me to look out our living room window two evenings ago to see this view ~ "Honey come look at this!"
I ran out quickly to take this photo!  Isn't this sunset incredible!?  We must slow down and notice the small blessings in our lives, and this is one of them!

I'll be back tomorrow, I would love to share some of the cards and journals I've been making.  I'll be by to visit all of my blogging buddies tomorrow, too.  Right now, just know I think of you all often and keep all of you in my prayers!



  1. Donna, I have felt this same way so often. I feel my life has wings. Especially when it comes to how fast the children grow. Thank you for your post. Smiles, Susie

  2. Time flies by with lightning speed for me. The older you get the faster it goes.

    The sunset is beautiful!

  3. This sounds like a line but it's true...I was just going to send you an email to check on you! I'm glad you are well. YES! Time goes by way to fast at this stage in life. I LOVE your sunset and am so glad you took the time to enjoy it.

  4. I love enjoying a beautiful sunset too. Happy to hear you are keeping busy but are still able to slow down and enjoy all the small stuff too.


  5. Beautiful sunset . . . as I might of said . . . the Midwest is sweltering . . . BUT . . . we too are having GORGEOUS sunsets! Give your hubby a hug for showing you the skies . . .

  6. What a gorgeous sunset. It is so hot here and unbelievably dry...and just as I am writing this it is starting to pour. Blessings to you- it is vry busy here, too- xo Diana