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Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Land Blogging Blobs

OK Any one else notice blogging is taking longer to do?  Longer to post, longer to leave a message, longer, longer and then POOF! A comment we left for a friend on their blog is gone!

I have felt a lot like this guy lately!  Hee haw!  My blog was switched to the new Blogger format way back when it was introduced, I had a ton of trouble trying to do the everyday things I had just learned on regular blogger.  So, I worked at it and finally felt like I was getting along fine. Then the whole thing with Chrome verses regular Blogger came up.  My sweetie got me all set up with that and I'm finally use to it.

I've even been able to get my photos on faster and easier - well by mistake, actually.  I accidentally double clicked on the photo I wanted and it loaded lickity split!  Easy Peasy! Another notch in my belt.  Now another problem the past couple of weeks, going to leave comments for friends and up pops 'select profile' - O K - select my profile and my message is gone.  At first I figured it was saved and went on my way.  Then a few of my friends we missing me as I hadn't left a message in several days, not like me.  But I had!!  There must be a million posts, pictures and messages out in blogger outer space!!

So I had to put on my thinking cap - pretty nice one, hug?  Now what I've figured out is for what ever reason, I need to not just refresh my page, but sign out - sign back in and then I'm ready to roll.  So - for my sweet friends who missed me, 'THANK YOU' for letting me know, for asking. Maybe this will help someone else.  I think it's a bother, and always wonder what is going to pop up next?

I had a friend ask how much time I spend a day blogging, because it's very easy to just get lost in here.  So I have to stay on track or I loose track of time!  I'm finding everyone is weighing these issues, too.
For those of you who are very computer literate, I'm very happy for you that you don't ever have any of these problems.  For those who confided in me that you have the same kinds of things going on - we're all here to help each other.

Cutest thing happened to me today!  I was out giving all my plants a drink of Miracle Grow.  A pair of Hummingbirds who are nesting in the tree on the side of our hill came and took turns taking a sprinkle shower from the hose!  You all know how much I love these little guys!  No camera, and because it was so hot, all the windows were closed so I couldn't call Don to come take my picture with them!

First one would come and shower for a bit, then the mama would come and shower - I stretched my hand to her and she came over to see if I had a gift for her.  Next time I'm out, I'm carrying my camera and some oranges or yarn for her!

Well, it's late, and with all the yard work today, the heat and oops - I forgot to freeze the peaches - need to do that first thing in the morning!!  Thank you to the Graphics Fairy and June at Dezinaworld for the images I used here.  I'm off for a cup of tea before jumping in bed!
Blessings to all for a wonderful new week.


  1. Hi Donna,

    Cute pictures...sorry that you have been having problems. Isn't it a pain? Things don't work right for me either sometimes.

    Isn't it HOT? Yuck. :( I couldn't even stay here at the computer til is just after midnight. Still hot though but bearable, just barely. Whew! And the rest of the week is supposed to be like this and worse. I don't know if I am going to make it. And I have been such a grouch today. :(

    Praying for rain. Lots and lots of rain for everyone who needs it. Hope you all can be cool.

    Take care, Janet W

  2. I am glad to see that despite all the changes, you still haven't given up on blogging. I am loving the hummingbirds too. They often like to "play" in the water when I am watering and I am always delighted when they do. The darn finches and wood peckers have been drinking all their nectar though. Any tips on keeping the feeders steady so they can't be tipped by these other bigger birds? They have been draining the feeders before the hummers can even have their fill.


  3. I enjoyed the cartoon like sketches . . . something different.

    I spent a long evening last night doing some blog reorganization. The time I am spending is becoming an issue fr me . . . will need some thought!! Today gardening will take precedence . . .

  4. Cute pictures!

    I'm glad you've hung in here, Donna. I've had problems too. It seems like one day all is working beautifully then the next day things are really lagging for me. I never know if it's my computer or Blogger.

    Sounds like your hummers are practically tame! How fun! *HUGS

  5. I so agree with you! First Windows kicks us out of blogging then bloggers goes almighty on us and it about makes a person want to go postal. :-)

  6. Oh-I hate all these computer problems. I just realized that several of my blogs I used to see on my dashboard have "disappeared". So, I signed out as a follower and then back in as a follower and I hope that fixes the problem. I have also LOST several messages that never went anywhere.

    I have had a busy day and still need to get the watering done....sigh...never done- xo Diana

  7. Here, in Greece, we have a heatwave too. Temperatures over 40 degrees Celcius. Have to stay inside most of the day. The garden needs a lot of watering, which enhances weed growth, so loads of work. But lovely work!
    I am really frustrated with this new blogger thing. I lost my friend connection. Had a few people look at it, but no use. I can't upload any pictures on the sidebar. Does anyone has any ideas how to do this?
    Have a nice day, Ada

  8. I was so frustrated at the changes, but I have learned to navigate them fairly well, thanks for the tip on the photos, I will use it on my next post!
    X's & O's