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Friday, July 6, 2012

~ ~ ~ How Does Your Garden Grow?? ~ ~ ~

Well pretty darn good right now!  Hot weather is supposed to be coming - a one of these days! The last two weeks the weather guessers have been saying, "Winds will be dying down and the weather will be warming up 10 degrees tomorrow, 10 degrees the day after and we'll be in triple digits in a few days!"  Still not happening, but our garden is doing pretty good in spite of only 80's (all of the plants we put in are for hot weather!)

Here's what we have so far - and we're happier than can be with it!
Do you see the pea pods!?  There's about 6 Snow Peas and Snap Peas!
Butternut Squash - 3 bushes - and so far I've counted about 40 babies like this and a ton of flowers!  We just enjoyed our last one from last year's crop!
Spaghetti Squash!!  It's growing like crazy this year!  Remember last year, last Spring when it stayed so darned cold and Spring just passed us by?  Nobody had much success with this plant because we had so many late frosts, it killed them all!  I quickly counted this evening - hold your headbands ladies - 25 already with a ton of flowers and this is the first wave!!

Zucchini Squash!  Yeah!!  It's been growing like crazy!  We've been enjoying stir fried veggies now for a couple weeks, given a few away - and can't wait to grow a couple of boats for bread.  Looks like we'll have another bumper crop, which is a good thing - we're down to the last 10 or so loaves and that's the family favorite!
Yellow Crook Neck Squash - well of the two plants, one is straight, one is crook neck!  Planted together in the same pot - love them both so no matter!
Our first baby Bell Pepper!!  Think this is a red one.  The one on the left isn't making it so I'll need to take it off, but I hope you can see the one in the middle?  These plants are small and not growing vigorously - they need the HEAT!!!   We are still finishing up our peppers I froze last year!  So, these will be ready just in time!

Last but not least this evening, our tomato plant.  We chose a Patio Tomato because it stays a bit more compact. Only one plant this year.  We've found more than one produces so many, we thought we'd stick with only the one this year - and it's already been providing tomatoes.  I hope you can see it even has tons on it already and it's still a baby.
If I get adventurous next year, maybe I'll plant my Yellow Pear and Beefsteak Tomatoes, some Jalapenos, and the herbs needed for salsa and can some for the year!  We'll see - we're just at the beginning of this season!  I forgot to take photos of the beets and carrots!  The tops are about 4" high already.  Probably should thin them out, but I hate to toss out those babies!  Those are growing in large pots this season - a new one for us!

So ~ that's how my garden is growing, so far!  With 3 Butternut, 2 Spaghetti, 2 Zucchini, 2 Yellow Squash plants (last year was not so proliferating as this year has even started out!), 4 sets of Peas in two mounds (again, last year didn't yield but 10 or so ALL SUMMER!!!) 3 Bell Pepper (red, yellow, orange) - always great to freeze, and 1 Tomato, along with the Fruit trees Blueberries, Beets, Carrots and Herbs so far- we should have a fair crop.  Lots to put up, lots to give away and share with friends and family!

If you have a garden, please let me know so I can pop by and see how your's is growing!

Have a wonderful weekend, Ladies!!


  1. Your garden is off to a fantastic start! Hope you enjoy your heat. This is the first day on more than a week we have not been in triple digits. I am thrilled!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Looks like you've got a good thing goin' on . . .

  3. Your garden looks great.

    We have been in the triple digits here for a week now with no rain. Tomorrow we are supposed to have a cold front come through. One can only hope.

  4. Yes, now that hubby's rabbit proofed the veg garden we've planted runner beans, peas, lettuce, beet root and leeks.....I have tomatoes, cucumbers,, peppers and auberge news. So hopefully we'll enjoy some fresh begs. We're not having a lot of sun it's mainly rain do it doesn't help them to grow well. Have a lovely weekend. Joan

  5. Your my kind of girl Donna! Love all that vegi gardening just like you!
    I have some news for you! If you would like to grow your blog then visit Vick's blog she has a wonderful project to offer!
    She is such a sweetie!
    Good luck and love,

  6. Now that is a great looking garden!

  7. All types of squash are a fave of mine! How wonderful to grow spaghetti squash! It is usually the most expensive down here. I grew some yellow squash several years ago and it was just so sweet and yummy! You're going to have quite the harvest!! Awesome!

    Hope you have a joy filled Sunday, Donna!

  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment, Donna. I know it would be so nice to see the gardens all year round but such is the condition of our seasons. Looking out at snow can be beautiful too and seeing the evergreens with their boughs snow laden is a beautiful sight as well. Needless to say I plant a lot of perennials, hardy rosebushes and shrubs and they all add to a pretty Spring showing as we prepare our beds and containers for the annuals and vegetables. We previously lived in the country on 13 acres where I had huge gardens of flowers and vegetables but having relocated (husband's work transfer) 12 years ago to another city I now do a lot of container planting, including a lot of vegetables. I no longer have my greenhouse and the large gardens but I don't miss all the work that they entailed, so there is always a rosy side (smile). I miss growing squash but I do plant cukes, peas, beans, celery, spinach, Swiss chard, lettuces, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and green peppers. I actually snuck in a few potatoes in a small area at the back of my perennial and rose garden...just to get a pot or two of small potatoes which are always so nice to have a taste of. Hope all is well with you and I loved seeing your squash plants and peas. I actually picked a couple of dozen pods last evening to enjoy some raw peas. I never have enough to have a big harvest but enjoy just having some to remind me how nice they are when fresh off the vines. Hugs,Gayle.

  9. I'm weeds anywhere. Pretty veggies. Keep up going. Mary