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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Horse Tote and a Kitty Cat Pillow

I finished two small projects today for my little granddaughters.  During my last visit with them we ran off to JoAnn's and were able to spend a couple of hours.  Never enough time when it comes to looking at craft items, is there?  Nope - there isn't!  I went in originally to find some material for myself, and had my little wee one with me.  She loves to look at all of the material with me, too.  Then sister joined us and we ended up finding material for projects for them.  Now that's a real surprise, right!?

Elise loves horses and is taking riding lessons, which even includes caring for the horses.  She not only has her time riding the horse each week, but on one of her days, she is to groom and care for the horse. 
Sweet thing that she is, she always remembers to take her horse a treat.  Last time I visited, she took an apple!  So, when I asked what she wanted me to make for her, she asked for a tote bag, to put her riding shoes, maybe a sweater, treats for the horse.  So, this is what I came up with.  No pattern, none needed really.   I made a double pocket on the front, completely lined and padded.  I really wanted it to be nice and strong, yet comfy for her, and washable!
Leila on the other hand wanted to have kitties.  "What would you like Grandma to make with the kitties on it?"  Very matter of fact as she walked towards the cutting counter, "A pillow!"  Well, that was easy!  Even had a spare pillow form at home that fit the bill!

I sat down yesterday and got the pillow finished, and today - the tote.  I know they will love them. 

"My little sweethearts"

Blessings, Donna

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  1. Gifts that will make them smile and think about you everytime they use them. Sweet!