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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How I Keep My Yarn Orgainzed

I've had friends ask how I keep my yarn and hooks organized, so here are a few of the ways I have found work for me.  I love yarn, all kinds, colors, fibers, and they just seem to propagate in my closet!  So I have found large, clear plastic bins or recycled heavy plastic bags (like the ones they use when you buy new sheets or blankets) are an excellent choice for me.
This way I can see exactly what's in which bin or bag, and it keeps yucky odors from getting in to the fibers.  

I try to separate yarns by types -
Acrylic 4 ply, any colors; Chenille; Simply Soft; HomeSpun; Cotton - which is in the smaller bags here, and so on.  I have found this easier for me.  I don't know how many times, when I kept them in big plastic store bags, I'd start opening bags for a project and had yarn everywhere and still didn't find what I needed and went out and bought more (like that's such a terrible thing - he he he!) only to put it away after using what I needed and found what I couldn't find when I needed it.  
I found larger pencil boxes the children use are  perfectly sized for my crochet hooks, holding all of them along with my small scissors, row markers and needles.  I keep my round knitters in their bag, knitting needles in a large empty pretzel barrel, and voila - organized!   At least enough for me!
 I'm blessed with closet space - not too much because I'm always running out of room, but enough.  So, using half of this closet for yarn (the other half is my paper and photos I'll show in a separate post) it's about 51/2 feet of storage, works great for two large bins lengthwise, side by side, stacked 3 and 4 high.  I use paper handled or cloth bags for WIP's.

So, this is how I have found I can live with my yarn - rather, my family can live with me and my yarn!

Continued blessings,

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