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Friday, October 28, 2011

I Love Crocheting!

And, I love crocheting afghans.  I try to make a different one each time, this way everyone receives something a bit different.  As I was making this one, my grandson would tell me, "My favorite color is green, Grandma.  Did you know that!?"  All the while he thought it was for someone else.
I finished this during the month of October, last year.  His birthday is in November - and it came and went with no gift of an afghan. 

Christmas came around, and usually we buy the kids clothes, so when he picked this box up and began to shake it, "yup," he thought, "clothes..."

He was quite surprised when his nice, toasty warm, favorite color afghan was in the Macy's clothes box! 

This was a very simple Granny Square stitched in a rectangle.  I think the original pattern was from Red Heart, and in different shades of blues.  If you're interested in making one, send a quick message and I can you simple pattern instructions!  Really easy peasy!

This is our Grandson Jeff, who turns 18 in just a couple of weeks!  Where does time go so fast!  It seems we just held him in our arms at the hospital when he was born!  Ahh, time!

Have a blessing weekend!


  1. Beautiful afghan! You do such lovely work.

  2. Oh what a beautiful afghan and your grandson is adorable! He must have been so surprised! What a precious gift. And yes, where does the time go? It goes so fast, doesn't it?