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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Yardsale Find!

WOW!!  I love to go out early Saturday mornings and see what treasures there might be at Estate and Garage Sales. 

One Saturday this summer I came across a young woman who was selling a ton of Grandma's hand me downs she had no use nor desire to keep.  As I looked through some old coats, picked up old buttons (why do we have to buy those old buttons??) I commented on a beautiful old couch that was definitely from the early 1900's she thought she might sell for $15 dollars.  If I'd had the room for it, I would have bought it - but I don't.  I did let her know it was worth a lot more.  I haven't seen a couch from that era in that great of condition, hand carved wood all along the back, the arms, and the claw feet.  Original fabric that was in quite good condition since it was about 100 years old.  She knew it was worth a lot more, but she'd just picked it up from storage, and needed the money badly. 

Seeing I really liked old treasures, she went back in to the garage and brought this stole out ~ I had already picked up a few things and she was a really nice young woman in a very bad position.  I told her things were temporary and would get better.  She sold this to me for $3 - THREE DOLLARS - and yes, it is real, all hand sewn, and gorgeous condition!  A friend is coming down from San Francisco and will be taking it up to a furrier for an appraisal.  It is beautiful!  She said she wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it.  So sweet.

I have also been blessed with some beautiful glass pieces, punch bowl sets, snack sets and tea cups this summer.  My buddy and I went out today and only found a bit - I picked up some beautiful glass snack trays. 

Have you been treasure hunting lately?  I'd love to hear about your treasures!

Many blessings, Donna


  1. Congratulations on your treasures.

  2. I bet you had great finds, and you did! This stole is such a treasure, I'm so happy for you! Enjoy it and other treasures you found as well! I don't think we have the similar yardsale here for me to find (I just love treasure hunting), so I don't have anything to share, my most wonderful treasure is "finding" you, my dear friend!
    Much love,
    Lovestitch, xoxoxoxo