Cuckoo Buds 3 Column

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hot Packs, Cold Packs

I looked at these rice packs in my linen closet this morning, took a couple out and threw them in the microwave.  Our weather has changed so suddenly and drastically this week - and my poor little toes were freezing!  These hit the spot!

Rice and Lavender Hot Packs  
I used smooth or flannel cotton materials only, lined with cotton muslin and filled with rice and lavender buds.  These packs are wonderful hot or cold to soothe sore achy muscles or as boo boo bags, as well as warm up those cold feet during fall or winter.

Smelling the lavender brought back memories, and then a phone call I'd been praying about for a year - this has been such a blessed day by our Heavenly Father!  Honestly, it has been a day packed with so many blessings!

I pray you will all have a blessed new week!



  1. I am so glad your day was blessed, Donna! I love when something unexpected and wonderful happens, don't you?

    Those little rice bags are darling. Is it just regular old rice? xo Diana

  2. Your bags are adorable!

    How wonderful to have that special blessing today.