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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Saint Anne

Today was All Saints Day in the Catholic calendar.  Our little wee one, Leila, was chosen by her teacher to represent her Kindergarten class and portray Saint Anne, the Mother of Mary, Grandmother of Jesus.

She carried two candles to leave on the alter (battery operated of course!)  There are two darling videos but I can't get them to load.  (Still learning.) One is her leading the procession to the alter - walking very slow and deliberate!  The second is her telling the congregation Saint Anne was the Mother of Mary, Grandmother of Jesus Christ.  She taught Mary to read the Holy Bible and is the Patron Saint of Grandparents!  How proud we all are of her!

Blessings, Donna


  1. She is adorable! What a lovely honor for her. How proud you must be!

  2. Leila is adorable. How nice that she was chosen to represent such an important saint.


  3. I'll bet your heart swelled with pride watching her! How wonderful that they chose her for the honor! xo Diana

  4. Oh my gosh--Bless her heart--what an honor and she is so beautiful!!! I didn't realize that was the name of Jesus' amazing!

  5. Hi Donna! Aw...she is sooo cute! And how neat that she is involved with her faith like this! My adult kids remember all they did in their young years in church! Love it!!