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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hummingbirds, Lizards and ... CATS? Oh My!!

By now, you all know how I feel about my Hummingbirds - they are a daily reminder of God's love and enjoy watching them, feeding them and caring for them for the time we are blessed to have these small little beauties visit. 

It's beginning to get very cold, with some nights dipping down to 30 - 32 degrees, and then we warm again.  The migration has begun, and we are kept amused by the different species coming and going.  They are absolutely beautiful and hard to believe these little creatures are able to travel the distances they do.

Now, while I love to watch these little creatures from INSIDE the house, through the window, the entire neighborhood, our gardener, the pest control guy, and my family know when one of these little visitors show themselves to me - you'd think a dinosaur was running after me!  If they have ears, all of them in my yard are deaf by now!  I scream so loud - - - but here are a couple of babies from my window.
Now, these little guys are only about 2" nose to tail.  They were playing and it was great entertainment.  About two weeks ago, as the weather started turning colder and colder, we noticed there weren't as many lizards out.  Then one afternoon - I saw a culprit with Mama hanging out of his mouth!

This morning, we figured all of the water must be gone as there was not one little birdie at either of the feeders!  As my Sweetie was heading to the door, I yelled, "WAIT - LOOK!"  The culprit was back!!

Our poor, hungry little Hummers were all frantically trying to signal us, chirping, chirping, "Danger, Danger!"   So, I armed myself with my camera, he armed himself with the squirt bottle next to the door.

Our culprit is gone ... and our Hummingbirds quickly returned, hungry and now satisfied!  Now with some energy, they are off to eat those pesky, I mean tasty, ants, and other bugs!

Thank you for taking a peak at our friends today!  Hope you're all getting ready for those tasty dinners, visiting if you have the opportunity, watching the parades, or just relaxing.  Our day to take in all we have to be thankful for!



  1. That is a beautiful cat but I'm sorry he was scaring away your babies. Love those hummers. The lizards? Not so much! :)

  2. Oh my gosh--the kitty is sure to scare the birds away!!! She sure is a cute kitty though!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Don~

  3. I loved your hummingbird pictures and the tiny lizards are even cute. I hope you and your husband have a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.


  4. I love hummers too!!!!
    Actually I feed all the birds!
    Enjoyed this post, nice way to start the day!
    Have a super Thanksgiving holiday!!!!!!!!