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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Brand New Book by Cindy Adkins!

Author, writer, artist, and blogger Cindy Adkins has just finished and released another book that is sure to be another in a long list of best selling books she has written.  Most of us know her as a wonderful friend!  I've had the honor of reading her latest book "Spirituality: Making God Personal - Finding Joy."  Out less than a week, and already a bestseller!

Now, lots of people will just pass this by and say, well I don't have one of those fancy Kindle Books or any of the other hand held, new fangled computer books - guess what?? Neither do I!! You can read E-Books on your computer! Very cool, because these hand held things just keep getting smaller and at a time when I really need the print to be larger, it's nice to know Amazon has made them available to everyone, whether we're are on the go and on a bus, train or in the subway, or at home with our computers! We're covered!

But, back to the book - my favorite reading material is Spiritual writing.  I've read lots and lots of books.  There are all kinds of books on Spirituality, what it means, how to find it, where to look, and what to read.  Cindy goes right to the source, the bible, specifically the Book of Psalms. 

In this book, Cindy is explaining how we can reach out in faith and prayer to experience the joy that is promised to each and every one of us.  The perfect time for this book to be released.  Easter and Passover both take place at the same time this year - so yes,  perfect timing!  But - of course it is, because Cindy is the instrument, our precious and gracious God is the Author of this book.  Cindy allowed herself to be enveloped in His love and direction and wrote this for us, for other people to meet our Lord, to rekindle our love for him, to strengthen that relationship we let slip away!

There is one statement in a book that will make me slam it closed and not read another word - and that is when I read "God made this bad happen because we - - -!"   As I read through this the first time, on page 22, I read, "God does not make bad things happen."...  (You'll just have to get the book and read on!)  But, this is so right on!  Have you heard people ask, "Why did God do this to me?"  He didn't, not at all!  Do you hurt your children on purpose out of love?  I know I never hurt my children or grandchildren out of love!  They may get hurt, but I did not cause the bad thing to happen on purpose!  Well neither does our Almighty Father!!!  He's waiting for each one of us to come to Him.  Cindy talks about this in her book, too.

As I mentioned, I do not believe it is an accident Cindy wrote this book at this special time of the year.  Easter and Passover both happening at the same time!  Do you know anyone that could use this, someone who may be struggling, searching?  Maybe a teenager who is just stuck right now with the struggles teens go through?  Are you reaching out?  Mother's Day is coming up, Graduations, and Father's Day.  Many opportunities to treat ourselves or others to a marvelous beginning! 

This is a quick read, it's geared to guide you on that first step, to help you connect or reconnect with God.  To reach up, reach out to our Loving and Gracious Father. 

You may read more about this book on Cindy's blog or at Amazon . I've read through the book three times now.  I've read all of her books, and have loved all of them - this one is a favorite!

Cindy, "Thank You" for your hard work and dedication to God, to all of us as we reach up ~


  1. Hi Donna,
    Thank you so much for writing this review--It really touches my heart. I know that God loves each and every one of us and I think that many people do not know where to begin to even talk to Him...that's why I wanted to write it so that it makes communicating with God natural and something that we can do every day as we take even the simplest cares to Him.
    Sending ((((hugs))) your way,

  2. It is an awesome book! I love all of Cindy's books, but this one is really special!

  3. Cindy is such an awesome person. She is a natural born inspiration to us and I think she has found her place in the world through her writing abilities. God bless the Cindy's in our life! xo Diana

  4. Cindy is such an amazing, gifted person. And so are you, Donna.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful review!

    I am intrigued and will have to check it out at Amazon.

    I so believe that God does NOT cause the bad things that happen to us. He is a loving God and would not punish us that way, after all he sent his only son to save us.

    Have you ever read the book "When Bad Things Happen To Good People"?

    It is written by a rabbi and is an excellent book.