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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still Finishing My Weekend Sandwich!!

Best laid plans ~ Right?

Here on Friday, I talked about all I was going to get done over the weekend.  I got up Saturday morning, headed for the garage as there were a few projects I'd wanted to get started on right away!  I opened the door, looked and said "Holy Moly, Batman!  Where'd all this crap I mean stuff come from?"  Well, every time I went to Estate Sales, Garage Sales, Goodwill, oh, or my new favorite place, the Resale Store for Habitat for Humanity, everything got stacked up on my Craft Room side of the garage.  Of course, everything left over from Christmas that hadn't been put in the sheds or other items that made their way from the house to the garage were piled up higher and deeper, so my time in the garage was spent putting things away and organizing SO NEXT WEEKEND I actually can spend time on projects!  Drat, but necessary!

I did spend some time on my little citrus trees.  Why on earth do the stores sell trees and plants that really won't survive in an area they sell them in?  Honestly, that's an entire new post I'll do next week.  But, they are loaded with fruit - except the Key Lime, which all got ripe and fell off - about 10 this year and the tree is only 3 years old!  I gave them a bit of a trim, and fed them.  Oh my goodness, they were so happy to have the snow blanket off and get direct sunlight!  We had temps in the 80's last weekend!  Then we took a look at the forecast which said our "real feel temps" this week at night will feel like 7 degrees!  Actually 23 but will feel like 7.  I've asked every nursery, "what the heck does that mean, anyway?"  They say when you are out walking and it's 23 but with the wind and air hitting you it feels like 7!  Sounds good, but why not just say it's going to be 7 darn degrees?!?  That's another post, too!  So, my Sweetie went out last night and put the snow blanket back on them.

So what did I actually get done?  Well, I did get lots started, some actually finished - some I can show, some not because they are gifts and I don't want to ruin a surprise or two.  But here is a scarf, you know the thing that goes around your neck with the flippy ends that my Wee One didn't want, but now wants - in her new favorite color - green!
I used a very soft and fluffy Caron yarn, and even with the holes in the pattern, it will keep her little neck warm.  This is done in a Pavilion stitch, which means Butterfly stitch in French.  It's very pretty!

Then I made this very simple, but really cute, headband.  All this requires (ALL THIS ...  he he he, favorite last words!!) is wrapping the yarn around the headband that has a tad of glue on the inside (a little at a time, of course!)  GO SLOW or you'll be starting over when the glue gets all over your fingers and yarn - yep - it was a mess, but I was NOT going to let a little headband to the best of me - no, no, NO!

I made these cute little flowers and glued pearls all around the middle.  The again in blue for their school colors, but, if they like these, I can make them in a ton of colors.  This was a very fun project!

Elise would like the new crocheted or knitted head bands worn around the top of their hair and over their ears, instead of under their hair.  Looks like a cap but only the cuff part!  All the girls are wearing them.   So, off to find new yarn - from my stash!

This week, along with some spring cleaning, I want to get some cards made, trivets, and ... well, you know, work on "The List!"  How about you?  What ever you do, may you be blessed with more time than it takes, love over flowing and good health!



  1. Those flower head bands are really cute Donna. It's so nice that you can spoil your grandchildren with lovely things that you create. They must feel special when they wear them too. Hope you have a lovely day.


  2. I KNOW what you mean! I have so much stored in my little "area" in the garage that I can't even get in there now-not even to turn the light on. I am so anxious for it to get warm enough to be outside and working on some projects again.

    You know temperature wise that is how we get out weather report EVERY DAY from Fall through Spring. The REAL temperature and the WIND CHILL TEMPERATURE. They do this for the kids standing at the school bus pickups, etc.

    I love your little headbands. As you know, I am all about those types of things for the little girls in my life.

    Well, I am checking in between loads of laundry and cleaning this morning. Love to you my friend. xo Diana

  3. If you got your garage and crafty stuff organized you accomplished ALOT! I would have stopped there. But then you got and make a lovely scarf AND and adorable headband! You put me to shame. Elise is going to love the headband. The flowers are so beautiful!

  4. I wouldn't call that not getting anything done! ~ Maureen

  5. Donna ,thank you for your kind words on hope filled livings blog!
    I just noticed you had a link to a Riggs family blog-That is my maiden name. My family is all from Joplin MO...small world huh! Hugs and have an especially blesed day..PS ,love the work you are doing!

  6. Hi Donna,

    Doesn't it always seem like there is so much to do and so little time? When I'm not crafting I am organizing my crafting stuff ... lol. The scarf you created with that butterfly stitch is so elegant. I also love the darling headband with the pretty blossom. Such wonderful projects Donna.

  7. Oh your headband is super cute! I love it!!! I'm sure Elise does too! You are so talented, my sweet friend! And the green scarf looks so soft and warm, the butterfly stitch you chose came out just great! How adorable!!!
    Love to you,