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Friday, March 2, 2012

Just A Little Hello!!

I wanted to pop over and just say hello - no photos to share, my projects are only half finished!  Why do I work on so many at once??

Well, I have my small crochet projects I can work on while sitting in the passengers seat in the car.  Just my scarves, flowers for cards, or headbands.  Love crocheting while glancing at the scenery - and the world around me thinks it's spring already!  Little hints of green on all of the mountains, the grape vines are even showing signs of green and growing!

Then I have my larger crochet projects for bed or while sitting in chair in the living room.  This is usually  an afghan or something more complicated that needs constant reading or intricate stitching.  Lot's of room and I can't loose the hooks!

During the day, it's sewing or crafting in my craft room.  I have a blanket I'm quilting for my wee one, tons for cards, small albums, word albums and scrap stuff I'm working on, many altered art projects!

And, yeah!!  It's starting to warm up so it will be time for working in the garage with messy stuff, like painting and working a bit with wood - something new this year!

That's what I'm doing and hoping to have photos over the weekend!  I wish you all a wonderful weekend, full of what ever you love doing!  Going to garage or estate sales?  Crafting?  Sewing?  Gardening?  Yes!!  Yes, yes, yes!!  I think there will be some of all of this this weekend as the weather is supposed to be in the mid-70's!   Next week rain again, or I should say, finally?  So, I think some seeds will be sown Saturday!

Love to you all!  Have fun!!  Enjoy your family and loved ones, say hello to a neighbor, and smile!  Oh, maybe even a bit of shopping, too!



  1. Hello to you too Donna, phew you are a busy woman, I feel quite worn out reading everything that you do. You certainly keep youself busy.
    I'd love to do a quilt - never done one before - one day I will get around to it.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. You are a woman of many talents! Good grief you have a lot going on. I got tired just reading your list. I can't wait to see what you have been working on!! *HUGS*

  3. Have a wonderful weekend. It sounds like you have a lot of projects you are working on. I am that way too. I hope you share your finished projects.


  4. Oh Donna, you have so many lovely things you are creating. I hope you share the finished projects with us. I would love to see your work.
    I wish I could work in the car, but sadly, I get car sick. I can just imagine all the things I could get done!!
    You too, have a great weekend,

  5. Hi Donna- My computer was down all day. Son came and worked on it but it has to go to the shop on Monday. The fan isn' working properly least it is still under warranty and will be fixed. Meantime, Son thinks he has an extra one I can borrow if I promise not to download any "blogger crap" on

    I am off to bed here soon. It's been snowing hard since 3pm and we have about 6"of snow so far and it is still snowing hard. UGH. Roads are a mess.

    I'll play catch up tomorrow and I can't wait to see some of your projects. You are just like me...busy, busy, busy! xxo Diana

  6. Hi Donna,

    Enjoy your weekend and your crafting! I hope to do some spring decorating. I look forward to seeing your new projects.

  7. You do keep busy, don't you?
    Hope you had a fun weekend!

  8. Oh my sweet friend,
    No wonder you are so busy! But isn't it wonderful to keep us busy with all we love to do?!! Enjoy your time and can't wait to see your finished projects to amaze us!!
    Love and hugs,
    LS xoxo