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Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Baby Peach Tree Is Beautiful!

Wow - with Spring being early, and no Winter to speak of (well, we did get really cold, but no rain - which is desperately needed all over California!) our baby peach tree is in full bloom!

Well, I did say it was a baby peach tree!  It's all of - maybe, 2' tall!  I remember it having a few more branches on it, but maybe not.  Our gardeners are really good at trimming everything when I ask the them, and we might have had a slight miscommunication about not cutting the tree, and only cutting the Star Jasmin! 

 No worries though, this little gal will do just fine and may just have a few peaches this year! 

We are getting ready for a big storm tonight and tomorrow, and I thought maybe we'd loose some of these beauties in the rain!

Blessings for a wonderful weekend!


  1. Those pink blossoms are so pretty. A sure sign that spring is coming. Have a wonderful weekend Donna.


  2. Gorgeous blossoms, Donna. I hope you have a wonderful weekend- I have little Lulu here now and 2 more coming tonight- whoo-hooo...(I think;>) Happy St. Paddy's Day to you-xo Diana

  3. Those are so beautiful! Love that pink. I do hope the storms escape you but that you get some rain. We need rain here too. Happy St. Patty's Day to you, my friend. *HUGS*

  4. So sweet!

    We had a peach tree in our backyard as I was growing up in Livermore, CA. I remember the yummy, juicy, peaches right off the tree! I sure miss those homegrown, fresh off the vine, peaches!

  5. Hi Donna! Thanks for stopping by my place. Your peach tree is so cute. I didn't know they had pretty pink flowers like that. My backyard is a total mess and has been for months. I want nothing more than to fix it and grow some pretty flowers and now I want my own peach tree. :)

    BTW, I'm following you through GFC, I use blogger to keep track of my favorite blogs. Linky is confusing to me. :/

  6. Hi Donna,

    Your peach tree is so gorgeous in bloom. Enjoy those yummy sweet peaches when they come :-)