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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shoe Review ~ Reebok RealFlex

I'm going to do a bit of a review on a new pair of shoes I bought that are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever, Ever, EVER, worn.  I've always bought good shoes.  I think it's probably the one item of clothing we should never skimp on.  I always bought my children good shoes, the best I could, because the better the shoe, the longer they lasted (until they started riding skateboards!)

Let me back up for a bit.  I took a terrible fall about 2 years ago.  I fell really hard on knees, which caused horrible swelling in my feet.  At first, I actually ended up buying a very soft, unsupported pair of slipper boots that would at least keep my feet warm, and I had to buy them two sizes bigger than I normally wear because any pressure at all would cause pain so badly, I would rather stay home than go ANYWHERE - even shopping!  You know it had to be bad.  For the rainy weather I found a pair of Easy Spirits with a zip up front, which I could leave unzipped, again, larger than I normally wore because any pressure at all would cause horrible pain and cramps in my feet, but I still couldn't walk for more than half an hour without pain and cramping!

Fast forward to January 29th - and I had my monthly doc visit, and his medical assistant came in and I noticed her shoes.  She told us what brand, she let me feel them and showed Don and I how ultra soft and flexible they were.  They aren't sold everywhere, and I did not want to buy shoes I couldn't try on first, so the first pair via Internet was out.  Don found they were sold at a store close to where our son and family live in Hanford, The Sport Chalet (in Visalia, California.)

We all know when we put on a good pair of shoes for our feet, like putting on a really nice, soft pair of gloves.

Don is bending his shoe with no pressure at all, that's how soft and flexible these shoes are!  Here's a link to the shoes I have. I'm not going to get all technical and tell you what makes these shoes so comfortable. All I'm going to say is these are absolutely the most comfortable pair of tennis shoes (running, walking, what ever shoes) I've ever worn!

I'm also going to put in a plug here for Sports Chalet, Inc.  This chain has the absolute best customer service of any store I have shopped at in the last 20 years, hands down.  If you need to call their Corporate Customer Service Department, and you have a legitimate concern or complaint, it is handled with the utmost care and concern within 15 minutes.  AMAZING in today's market place!!  Also, have you ever heard of a store who will let you purchase a pair of shoes, actually let you wear them, and if they don't work for you, take them back, no hassles, just grab a new pair of shoes or get your money back.  How many pairs of shoes have you bought only to have to give away because you wore them out doors, and they could not be returned?  Another plus for customer service!!

At 59 years old, we are all looking for the best items for our comfort and safety.  These shoes do both for me.  We went for a walk today for over a half hour, up and down hills, and I never got tired, my feet were fine with no problems at all - it's been 2 years since I've been able to walk in my own neighborhood without pain - so I am beyond delighted.  Reebok has a great pair of shoes for all ages!

Blessings, and may your Sunday be a glorious day!


  1. I'm so glad you found shoes that work for you! It must be like getting a huge part of your life back. They look pretty snazzy too! :) *HUGS*

  2. I am so glad you found some comfortable shoes. I have a problem with comfortable shoes, too. I buy fairly decent shoes, too, and wear them forever. I refuse to buy shoes any more just for "style". I always bought my kids good shoes, too, even though it sometimes meant skimping on something else. Glad to hear you are out walking the neighborhood again. So....would that make you a street walker then?;>) xo Diana

  3. They sound and look brilliant Donna. Now all I need is to find some here in the UK lol.
    I hope you had a fab weekend my friend and that all is ok
    sending big hugs
    June x
    Ps, I love your crochet work. I tried and failed at crochet and just cant seem to get the hang of it but i love to see it

  4. Oh, I will have to ask my brother about these since he owns a sporting goods store. They look comfortable and we need to keep our feet happy!