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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crocheting And Knitting And Tatting, Oh My!!

Last weekend I held a 'Let's Learn Together' for some of the ladies in my Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter.  I crochet, and one of the ladies said she'd love to learn.  I'd love to learn to knit. Our knitter said she'd be happy to teach me to knit as well as show tatting. Before I knew it we'd set a date and time for a get together in my home for Crocheting, Knitting and Tatting.

So what does one need?  Yarn!!  I keep mine separated - Acrylics, Wool, Cotton, Ribbon, chenille.  I also keep it stored in plastic bins until used.
And, you'll need to pick out a good hook !

The size of the hook depends on the yarn the pattern calls for.

Sharon wanted to learn to crochet and finally learned to make a chain - which as we explained is the foundation of all patterns and learning to gauge, was second on the list.


Or a set of knitting needles!

A REALLY good Learn How Book is also very helpful!

By the time I got to row three with my knitting, Alice had to take over and try to make mine look rectangular again, as I'd done something incorrectly right smack dab in the middle and had a perfect pair of lips!  Like Lucille Ball's upper lip for those who remember!!

We had a ton of fun, and it's easy to see how it looks so easy to do when some one who is schooled in the art is doing it and quite another as I felt I had two left hands!!  We'll be doing this at least once a month, maybe twice.  But, here's the real treat -

Alice brought this over to share - this is a 'Tatted' baby bonnet that her mother or grandmother had made for her older brother, so it had to be AT LEAST 93 years old!  It was amazing, as was tatting - she gave us a 5 minute lesson on how it is done.  It's this silver pincher thingy that looks almost like a strawberry corer, except pointed with an ever so tiny hook on the end of it and a spool, like a sewing machine bobbin in the middle.  See how thin the thread is by the 'O' shapes?  This is the size of the thread, the 'O's' are actually 20 or 30 knots all around in a circle - there must be 1,000's of knots in this little cap! You have to find some one to show you - it's AMAZING!!

Oh, one other thing I really needed, so I went out and got this for myself to help me learn how to learn knitting a bit better - with this little book, I can see sweaters in my future!!!

Week's almost over, and we're coming up on Memorial Day weekend!

Stay safe,


  1. This meeting sounds like so much fun. I knitted many years ago, took it up again briefly after my husband died, and now after reading your post I do believe I need to get my knitting bag out again.

  2. so pleased you having a meeting of crafting. learn teach to inspire,,,..sounds fun...and may i say what a hoarder you are just look at all your what big cuboards you have lol!!! love the bonnett stunning..have a happy day g g......hugs sassyxxxx

  3. My Mom and her friends always had knitting clubs. It was the best of times. I love that you are still doing this. The tatted baby cap is lovely! So much talent. As I told you, my Grandma tatted. She loved to make crosses and always tat the edges of pretty hankies. I still have and cherish some of each.

  4. Oh my sweet friend,
    I'm so happy you are having so much fun! Isn't that great to "learn together", I just wish I could join you! The baby cap looks so lovely and your knitting needles are just adorable! I love the way you organize yarn too. For sure you will master with those crafts very quick with your talent!
    Have fun and happy crafting!
    Much love,

  5. Sounds like a wonderful and productive (lol) get together!!!
    Wish I lived near you, I would have been there in a heartbeat!!

  6. What fun, Donna! I love to learn things like that! Crocheting is on my "learn to do" list. My grandmother and my mother both tatted. That little silver thingy is called a I have my grandmothers but I don't know what happened to my mother's shuttle. It is hard to learn to tat, I think, because you work in such small little spats of work. Have that all your yarn is organized. xo Diana

  7. hiya sweeti....just a big thanks for popping into my blog and leaving such a lovely comment it so appreciated...if you order from wild orchids you wont be disapointed there flowers are stunning ..all theire bits and bobs are..i wont use any one else..the odd trip to hobbicarft i have bought from also if i feel like a crafty spend but only if something catches my eye and myserteriously jumps into my basket lol!!! have a fab weekend hugs *love sassyxxxx

  8. oh my gosh you are so talented, wow,