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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ahhh ~ Comfort For Me In The Kitchen!!

This is a product review ~ telling you up front.  I don't have any affiliation with either of these companies.  Many of you know I have my fair share (and some extra) of medical issues.   I have severe Fibromyalgia, spinal injuries that affect my neck, mid range back and low back from disc and vertebra damage, and terrible osteoarthritis. But life is what we make of it.  I am grateful for each and every minute of every day I can wake up, get both feet on the floor and stand up. Takes longer some days, takes help some days, but as long as I get up on the sunny side of the grass, I feel life if pretty grand and I am greatly blessed!
Many of you that have followed me for a while also know one, of which there are many, of my passions is scratch cooking and baking.  I love, love, love to cook and bake, make jams and pastries, just about anything.
When we moved into our new home in 2006, I found the beautiful tile floors we had were horrible for my back (as well as my feet and legs!) Cooking went from being a passion to a drudgery. While thumbing through the Fibromyalgia Network Magazine, my sweetie found Gel Pro Chef's Mat.

I phoned them, spoke with them about my issues, their product and they gladly sent me samples of the color range.  These weren't as readily available in 2006 and 2007 as they are today, so when I saw the advertisement again in The Arthritis Today Magazine, we decided to purchase them.  Now - I need to be very clear - NEITHER OF THESE MAGAZINE COMPANIES ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT, they simply advertise with them.

Now the reason for the product review - and please read down to the bottom because I was blessed by finding a replacement I will show you!!!  The first three - and those of you who have checked these out will tell you - are not cheap by any stretch - but after a couple of years I began tripping over them!!  A little at first, and then to the point of being afraid of another fall - which in my case could have been catastrophic!
Take a look at these!  All edges had curled, and had become a hazard for me.
After checking online, we did find this was a common problem for the company.  We called, sent them photos like these, and were sent three brand spanking new mats!  We were very surprised, indeed.
Fast forward another year or so, and whammy, they started getting a bit slippery.  And day after day, it got worse.  Until one day I stepped from in front of my stand mixer onto the one in front of the sink and did the splits!  Holy Cows jumping over the moon - scared the pants off me!!  After checking on the Internet once again , it showed how yes the company had solved the rolling edges, but now developed a slippage problem.  The answer, they sent me Rug Grippers.  I must say, GEL PRO did stand behind their product, and even though it didn't work for us, they sent boxes and a return slip - and then a check for the full amount we paid FOUR YEARS AGO!

Problem now?  Hard floors once again, and in the last four years, my back condition worsened.  Finding a replacement for these mats was now crucial.  We got samples - would you believe some companies send out 3/4"x1" samples for you to feel the comfort!?  Well those Holy Cows are back, because I don't walk on my fingertips!  We searched and searched the Internet, and then found another company.  We found WELLNESSmats.  I watched videos of the products, and gosh they looked great!

So, I decided to give a call and chat with someone at the company and ended up speaking with a fantastic woman named Marissa.  I told her my concerns and health problems, and she talked about her company's products.  She offered to send me a sample - and guess what?  The sample size is 3 1/2"x3 1/2" which means you can not only squish it with your fingers (which no other company's sample I could do that with as they were not soft at all!) but you can actually stand on it with the ball of your foot and toes!  Oh the samples were like heaven!!

The other mats were 18"x6' and these are a full 2'x6' with a whole 2" slope, so no curling!  and look and the design!  The is my favorite and is called Bella Motif and is in burgundy.  Oh my gosh, my Sweetie and I are like two little children!  We start at one end and walk all the way around the kitchen on the mats when we go to get a cup of tea or coffee or tea.  Honest to goodness, these are like walking on clouds!  So soft, and even the finish on your feel is soft and cushy!
These came yesterday, and I called the company right away to let them know we were so happy with them.  My contact wasn't there, and when she called again, we'd already had them for about 18 hours and decided to purchase another 2'x6' for the entrance of the kitchen to the front of the fridge!

Price wise, I think they are about the same price as the first ones from Gel Pro because they are 6" wider.

I will be sending a copy of my blog to my contact at Fibromyalgia Network Magazine and then over to Arthritis Today because I feel that strong about these mats, and this is after only about 30 hours!

Those of us who suffer with life altering medical issues love to share what helps us in our lives.  There's so much stuff out there in the market place, and we are so desperate to have a normal, or as normal as possible life again, many times we need to hear the experiences of others.  That's why I'm sharing. I email with many of you and know some of you suffer as I do, or have family that does.  Honestly, I really love these mats!  Oh - and I forgot to tell you something important!!  The warranty on these WELLNESSmats - A FULL 7 YEARS!!!  Yes SEVEN years!  Not 1, not 3 - 7!!  Now that's standing behind your product!

Blessings to all!
Hugs with happy feet,


  1. I am so happy that you found something that you love and that helps you be in the kitchen...a place you love! They look great.

  2. I am so glad you found something that really works. I have osteoarthritis too, no fibro, thank heaven. If I stand on my feet too much my back kills me. I will check these out.

  3. I am so happy that you found these!

    My Dad has back problems and does most of the cooking at his house. i have told him about these types of mats and tried to talk him into getting one. Seeing how happy you are I really wish he would listen to me.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to let us know the pros and cons of these products.

    I love to cook and bake also, and we have wood floors that are not too bad to stand on and cook, but I've been wanting to get a couple of these gel mats anyway.

    I need to check this company out!

    Thanks again...
    Smiles :)

  5. hiya sweetie with comfy what a gteat read was like reading a press article but loads more!!! sorry hunnie but that did make me larff although i have great sympathy as i too suffer from severe back problems..hip..and knee had a replacement knee 2010...and i understand how standing is litterally a pain...i couldnt even stand to do the dishes it such a task ..and now im poorley with my breathing im thinking of giving up work due to my health fact im a kanckered old mess at 59..but gratefull like you i can just get out of bed .i do alot of walking at work and finding it harder and harder to go the distance..then talk or help with whichever or think after all the recent harrassement im gonna go....and when i move i will have to look for something over here like this product it sounds fantastic and you are such a hunnie passing this info on to others that they might get some take care and love the look of your cooking can i come for tea....please...i wish look after yourselves hugs sassyxxxx

  6. Ohhh what an interesting read Donna, and a great product too. I shall keep these in mind. Hope you are having a fab week and that your weekend is painless my friend
    hugs June xxxxx

  7. I'm so glad that you are able to be back in your kitchen doing what you! Hope you are having a wonderful day, Gail

  8. Hi Donna,

    I'm so glad you are finding some comfort in the kitchen area. Perhaps I need to spend a little more time in there ... lol. These mats look great and I might invest in one for when I am stamping. I never stamp sitting down - always standing up so you burn more calories.

  9. Well, your review makes me want to get some! We have all hardwood floors and yes, my feet get tired too! Just stopped by today to let you know you are a winner in my drawing for the book, "My Big Bottom Blessing"....
    Please email me your address again.

  10. My dear friend,
    It's so kind and thoughtful of you to share us detailed information about the products, this is most helpful. Thank you!
    I'm really happy you found such wonderful things that help you a great deal in your kitchen. So much relief for your pain and I can see how much you happy with these. I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful weekend and happy cooking - no more painful!
    Much love,
    Hugs, LS xoxo