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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Working In The Garden ~ ~

Well, not really ~ my Sweetie took me down to buy some additional plants on both Monday and Tuesday, need to go back tomorrow to get some more when the truck drops them off.  Holy cow ~ the nursery manager told us the plants are delivered on Fridays and by Saturday afternoon, all of the ones we asked about are gone! Tomorrow morning we'll get up early and hit the road.  Several stops to make.  Grabbing the best of the plants will be high on the priority list.

Wednesday I had my second round of oral surgery.  A good friend is about 6 months or so ahead of me in the process, and she's waiting for the crown work to be completed.  Takes a long time, especially when there are extractions with bone grafting before the implant process can begin.  I believe we both had multiple sides. The docs won't work on the left side until the right side is healed completely. The left side had the first surgery in November, now the right.  It's giving me fits.

So - there's lots of yogurt, broth ~ none of those yummy carrots or chicken here!  Oh, and more yogurt and broth, minestrone ~ again, none of the yummy veggies or shells - just broth!

Tomorrow I get to add some cottage cheese.  I didn't know I could sleep this much either.  Woke up yesterday at 6:30 am, went in for surgery, and the next thing I knew it was this morning!  And today has been very sluggish.

This weekend however, I will be up and around, and I will have my garden planted!  A big "Thank You" to all who have sent messages of encouragement.  I'm normally a fast healer - so I know this weekend I will be better.  My Sweetie thinks I push me to hard.  Nah!!!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!  I hope your weather is beautiful, sunny and you get to spend time with the people you want to!  Many blessings!



  1. Bless your heart, Donna. You are handling this all like a real champ. Wish I were closer so I could help you out.

    Have fun getting more plants! Hopefully, you'll feel much better and the nursery will have exactly what you want!

  2. Oh- I don't envy you going through all that oral surgery stuff. I have had my share of it, too, over the years. I am praying for a fast healing for you.

    I hope you can get the plants you want. It is amazing how fast they fly out the door, isn't it? I have a couple more to pick up but I have tons that I need to separate and replant....sigh...never done.

    I hope you have a good weekend and can continue to get some sleep. That won't hurt you a bit! xo Diana

  3. Donna,
    My prayers are with you sweetie for a speedy recovery. Sorry that you have had to endure so much. Enjoy your plant hunting. I have yet to get out into my garden...yikes! It's really a mess out there.

  4. Praying that everything goes perfectly with the oral surgery. Don't overdo with the planting.

  5. You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend. I bet you will enjoy the garden. Keep healing and sending love and blessings
    June x

  6. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through so much right now! Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Don't over do it this weekend but do try to enjoy it. Blessings my friend, Gail

  7. My prayers for your quick and full recovery, my sweet friend. You have been through so much, two surgeries for just a few months, that's not easy at all. I hope everything is all going well after this surgery.
    Please enjoy your weekend, have a long sleep for fast healing and enjoy your garden, but do not keep yourself busy with it!
    Much love and hugs,
    Many blessings
    LS xoxo

  8. Hi Donna,

    Your sleepyness is probably the anesthesia (sp) taking its time to wear off. Takes a long time sometimes if they put you to sleep.

    Prayin for a speedy recovery. And that you get the plants that you want. :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Take care, Janet W

  9. Hope you have a speedy recovery!