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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feeling Better And Back To Gardening!!

First, thank you to all of my well wishers who sent me such nice little notes of concern.  This last bit of Oral Surgery knocked me on my hieny!  Until today, I couldn't bend over without my jaw throbbing (the old keep the wound higher than your heart) or blink without falling fast asleep.  I guess our bodies know what we need and if we don't listen, it just takes charge!  Can't even remember how many naps I took in front of my computer this week!  This afternoon, I actually got a burst of energy!

This week, between naps, my Sweetie took me to Lowe's and I picked out some additional plants.  Three Hydrangeas, which are already planted, and 4 English Lavender plants.  They already smell heavenly!  We also ordered some additional plants.  This is what I have to plant, along with my veggies and seeds!
So, why are these still in the pots and not planted?  Well, last week when I had the gardener plant all of the other 40 something plants, I always have who ever works on the yard use my hose, nipples and connectors, that way I don't have 20 brands all over the place.  And, we buy the ones that are ergonomic and easy to change out.  Costs a bit more, but we can at least handle the repairs if need be.  I forgot to check my supply, and I don't have enough to plant anything until tomorrow when we run down to the supply yard for them.  So I painted a couple of planter stands!

This green one has 3 shelves that fold down and it closes flat!  I needed a fresh coat of paint.  I bought it at an Estate Sale a few weeks ago for $5.

I stayed conservative on color on this one.

Oh, but my other corner stand.  This was a hand me down (or up - my daughter gave it to me many years ago) and it had been painted black. We - yes my Sweetie and I, picked out this beautiful grape color.  I can hardly wait to place it this week!

I also found I will probably need to freshen up the paint on my other yard art.  Funny, the stuff I painted myself, with my grandson, Jeff, about 12 years ago, still looks pretty darned good.  The white on his hat and treasure chest is from my flash!
I bought these guys last year and throughout the summer, I'll paint them.


This is one of my favorite pieces in my garden.  This stepping stone was given to me by my daughter several years back for Mother's Day.  The artist used stained glass for the hummingbird and the flower.  It's much prettier than the picture shows.

Thanks for taking a look my friends.  Tomorrow, I will at the very least get my herb seeds planted, purchase all of the items needed to keep all of the new plantings and seedlings watered, move the planters into place - and ... maybe I should get this part of the list done before I run it around the block!

Have a happy and wonderful week my friends!  And, thank you for mentioning Google Chrome.  I love, love, love using it!  It has so far been the easiest program to run.  Knocking on wood quickly!!! Photos go where I place them, don't disappear, text is where I type it. Several suggested it, and I thank you all!!!

Blessings, and gentle hugs,


  1. You accomplished a lot between all of those naps. :) I have a feeling your body is telling you to not push it so please listen to it.

    You've got lot's of pretties amid your flowers and yard. I have a friend that does the stained glass stones. We spent a whole day making those a couple of years ago. Yours is lovely.

    Take care of you today!

  2. Donna,
    I agree with Jill....take it easy not push your body. Just do what you can. Hope you are up and feeling better than ever.

  3. Oh such a great news to hear, my sweet friend!
    I'm so happy you are feeling better and have been back to your garden! You will not try too much on it, will you? I hope what you did between the naps was what you can. But take care of yourself is the most important job that you also can, right? :)
    Your flowers look so beautiful and the colors are great! What lovely shelves you have! I love those cute guys in your garden as well, how fun watching them!
    Take care and keep relaxing...! ;)
    Much love and hugs,
    LS xoxo

  4. Wonderful news that you are feeling well enough to do some gardening.

    The shelves are beautiful! Great job on the painting.

  5. So glad that you are feeling better and that you were able to do a few things this weekend! Can't wait to see all the pretties that you have planned for your beautiful garden. Enjoy your day my friend and don't work too hard, Gail

  6. Hi there,

    So glad that you are feeling better. :)

    Your garden is going to be wonderful. Can't wait to see it all done.

    Do take it easy. Have a wonderful day.

    Take care, Janet W...

  7. Hi Donna,

    I'm so glad you are feeling better. I can just imagine how painful oral surgery must be. It looks like you have quite a few great plants and your gardens are going to be awesome! It is supposed to rain most of the week, but I hope on Saturday to redo part of my gazebo garden.

  8. I am glad your are feeling better!!
    You have definitely been busy :)

    I love the purple plant stand, what a great splash of color, makes you happy!!!

    All your little statues are darling. On that note, I am a giants fan and my friend is going to a game they are giving out free garden gnomes and she's going to get one for me LOL