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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guess Who Came For Dinner???

That's what we wondered, too!  We bought way too many plants to try to get done in a short period of time, but ladies, honestly, do we ever admit we bit off more than we could chew?  Sure we do - but we just want to keep it between us - don't tell the guys, OK?  Tell you what, I won't tell yours, if you don't tell mine!  Deal?  Deal!!

In case you forgot what these little sticks with the leaves on top are, they are our apple trees - this one is a Fugi Apples - mmmm - so crisp and tasty!

The on to the right is a Honey Crisp Apple - also pretty sweet and crisp and both will bear fruit at different times of the year! Apples almost all year!
Here the are together - yep, pretty small!  The gentleman helping us at the store must have thought we were much younger than we are, because it will take years - many of them - for these guys to give us a couple of sweet crisp apples!  Already made the mistake and we were ready to live with it!  We had our gardener come out and plant it a week ago and they seemed to be doing well, until Saturday morning.  My Sweetie gets up every morning and checks on all of the plants - just in case a water line has blown off and we need to do some hand watering and this is what he found on the left tree ~
Yes, you see it correctly!!!  Every leaf is gone!!  What the heck!!??  I mistakenly called OSH who told me, 'Oh ~ it's Grasshoppers. Buy Malathion and spray both trees and any other plants you have.' We try like the dickens to do everything organically without a lot of poisons and I really didn't want to put this stuff on it (I'm sure it's great, but we have lots of wild life around and we just don't want to hurt any of them needlessly.)  When our gardener came later that day, one of his guys said it was ants.

Oh now what to do??  Sweetie reminded me we didn't buy them at OSH, we bought them at Lowe's.  They are the best and our store is fairly new, so I forgot ~ and when I called the gal there said, 'well, bring it back and let's have a look!'  So we did - everyone in Lowe's said the same thing - 'Oh you have deer!'  Great!!  They were really busy in the store and the Manager and staff said it had happened to many in our neighborhood! So now we are rethinking our front yard!!

It makes perfect sense though, as their habitat is being disturbed just below us, and it is the beginning of fire season and all weeds and brush must be cut down.  The river bed runs behind us about 1/2 mile, as the crow flies, or as the deer roam.   So for now, no apples unless I find room in the back for two!

We did get our Lavender, and Breath of Heaven planted and those look lovely - and the deer should stay away from both.
Oh, we're also getting some of the rocks rearranged, too.
This one really looks grand here, and the four in the background I have to think about.
Right outside my office/craft room window are these blooming Star Jasmine plants.  Oh my gosh, the odor is like Heaven here on earth!  I just love it and feel so blessed after it being 100 degrees today, it has cooled off to the low 70's, high 60's and I have opened my window to smell these beautiful citrus like blooms!  Love it!

It's time for a brand new week to start in a few hours!  I hope everyone was able to do what they wanted this weekend and this new week is blessed and productive for all!  



  1. Oh No! I am sure sorry about the deer dining at your expense. I am like you though, I love the wildlife too so it's a tough situation. I love, love, love honey crisp apples. Your rocks look good but my favorite is your Star Jasmine. The smell is wonderful and I adore their pretty little white flowers. Have a good day! *HUGS*

  2. Those pesky deer! Darn it!!!!

    Your star jasmine is gorgeous :)

  3. I love the Star Jasmine. The little flowers are so pretty.

  4. I love trees and plants, but have no skill with them. Best of luck and the Jasmine is lovely!

  5. Oh no...I'm so sorry!! We have trouble with rabbits but deer!!! So hard after the planning and looking forward to your crop. Love the look of the little flowers and could almost smell the fragrance from your description! Hope that the rest of your week goes well. Joan

  6. WOW, you have been busy!! And your jasmine is beautiful!!! I know it has the most incredible fragrance and is one of the perks of living in California!!! XO Cindy

  7. How awful that they ate your trees! Deer are so hard to deter once they "find" you. I love your star jasmine though- they are just beautiful. Hope you have a good night, Donna- xo Diana

  8. Oh my sweet friend, no wonder you are busy with your garden! All the plaints are great and I believe you will enjoy your hard work very soon! What a surprise you have a deer! Hope it won't come back! The jasmine is so beautiful!!! Isn't that wonderful you enjoy its aroma when doing your crafts!
    Have a fab day!!!
    Much love,
    LS xoxo

  9. I was left with smiles after I read about your uninvited dinner guests. Not for the eating of your apple leaves, but for the way you write. Your writing is joyful . . . and tells a story with joy.

  10. Donna,

    I'm so sorry to hear you have deer in your yard. They really can do quite a bit of damage, especially after all that work you have done. Let's hope your trees bounce back.