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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flowers, Roses, Magnolias and more ~~~

3/8" Roses
Not real ones of course, but flowers, roses and magnolias for my cards!  And they are beautiful!!  I love making my own cards and altered art projects, but running down to the craft store and picking up a package of 5 to 7 for $5 or more (yes, we always use the 40% off coupons when we have them) but we're limited to color and style at the store!
Gorgeous Small Gardenas
I've done some online ordering, but this one company looks so good - so I took the plunge!  Oh my gosh ~ these roses and flowers are F A B U L O U S!!!  Wild Orchid Crafts ~ a company out of the United Kingdom.  Now, before that scares you off thinking, "Oh my gosh, shipping will be a fortune!  It's going to take forever to get here!  They must be really expensive!"         
Aster Daisy Flowers

No, no and no.  Shipping is very reasonable, free if you order over a certain amount.  It took less than 6 days to get here from the time I ordered to doorstep delivery - ordered on Wednesday night, shipped Thursday morning and arrived on Tuesday in the mail!  I can't beat the price with a coupon or a stick!  I bought some of these beauties 50 - 1 1/4" roses, for less than $6!  And these are all beauties!  But, you decide for yourself.  I decided for me, and I need to make a bunch of cards so I can place my next order!!  he he he!

So my dilemma was - open roses, rose buds, curly roses, cottage roses, tea roses, wild roses? ? ? 

Light colors?
     1" - bigger?

            Two toned?
                    Maybe a flower
                            and not a rose?

As you can see ~
    Nope, I couldn't decide!

I can't even get them
    All back inside!!

Hope to be showing you all some great cards soon!  I love making them!  I love giving them!  Now I'm off to buy ribbon and twine!

Also, I'm still working on my computer.  Seems Chrome, regular Blogger and the rest of the Computer Genies in the sky, are all working to irritate me - not succeeding - I'm just going with the flow on this.  Everyone is seeing something different and I don't know why.  Just know I'm trying to fix it!!

Blessings to all!!


  1. Your cards are beautiful!! Your blog page looks great to me.

  2. Wow-You hit the motherlode with those roses and flowers, Donna. That price is unbelievable, too. I have ordered from overseas companies with very good luck in the past. It is kind of scary the first time you do it.

    Hope you have fun making cards. I think you will have to set up a shop if you ever use up all those flowers. lol Oh-it makes me think of that old thing "the one that dies with the most fabric wins" YOUR case it would be "the one that dies with the most flowers for card making wins".

    Have a great night- we are still traveling but settled into a hotel for a couple of days- I NEED it- road weary and you know what I mean- xo Diana

  3. Very pretty. That's a great find.

  4. Hi Donna..
    What amazing finds!

    I am so looking forward to seeing the pretty cards that you will make!!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. Love your flowers, Donna!! So glad you found a great source!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend, sweetie!
    We are throwing a birthday bash for one of our grandies! Too much fun!

  6. Lovely flowers. You have some work to do now! It will be enjoyable work. Have a nice weekend.

  7. So very pretty are these roses Donna - now looking forward to your cards!
    Did you have a really Happy Birthday! I certainly hope so and please accept my belated wishes dear friend,
    xox Suzy

  8. Hi, I just love those flowers and look forward to seeing the cards you make. I have never felt like doing that ort of thing an this almost makes me think about it! Joan

  9. hi again donna...ooooooooooo im sopleased they arrived for you in great time..not long at all for you to wait so know you will be very happy playing and stroking each one lol!!!..told you they were great and im so glad they didnt disapoint its the olnly place i buy mine from....and i love each and every box i recive...have loads of fun playing i bet you wont know which to use first..i must get another order in before you buy the entire stock love sassyxxxx