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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

~ ~ Haaappy Birthday Toooo ME!!!

Yesterday was my birthday - actually a milestone birthday - so my daughter in law and wee ones came over to celebrate with us!  I made a nice dinner (I know, I know - but I love cooking, so it's not a chore for me to do it!!)  And Karla made the Cup Cakes!

Karla always makes the cutest cup cakes, they are honestly a gift themselves!

And of course, how do you decorate for Grandma?

Why ~ a garden of course!  Wait til you see these up close!

Soil made of crushed Oreo's, with the cream intact!

A head of lettuce with a mint M&M and Corn Flakes dipped in green frosting on top!

Radishes and Carrots made with Sour Balls, Corn Flakes, a bit of frosting, rolled Starburst - Cute!

And, three peas in a pod, again using taffy, frosting and sour balls!  Aren't they just the cutest?!
And, while the cup cakes are the cutest, these three little ones are the apple of my eye!

I love how Karla makes these, because she puts a thin layer of frosting on them to help them adhere, not a ton, so you can actually eat the entire cup cake!  They picked out a lovely card, it honestly brought tears to my eyes, as did my Sweetie's!

They only stayed one night - Bible Study Camp was having an evening of fun tonight they were so excited to get to - "Nerd Night!"
 Leila with two crooked pony tails!

Like Urkel in
Family Matters.
Snorts and all!
Could find a single extra
glass frame we had
hanging around
here forever! 

Wishing you all a Happy Wednesday - the weekend is fast approaching.  I'm trying to change the font on my blog, so hang in with me!  Had the kids over and needed all the time for storing up Grandma lovin' till I see them in a couple of weeks!  

Blessings to all!


  1. Happy birthday Donna! Those garden cupcakes are the cutest and so original. It sounds like you had a nice day with your family (even though you did the cooking). Sending you hugs and blessings for your birthday. I hope you blew your candles out and get your wish. ;)


  2. OMGoodness those cupcakes are the cutest things ever! Happy Birthday to you my friend!! You have a beautiful family. Enjoy your day, Gail

  3. Happy birthday Donna. Those cupcakes are beautiful and very unique.

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Donna! It sounds like it was a wonderful celebration with your family. Those cupcakes are just darling! How clever. Your grandchildren are the cutest "nerds" I've ever seen! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Donna! June is a great month isn't it! Cupcakes were delightful . . .

    Darling children . . . nerds too!

  6. Donna..
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!
    It looks like it was a grand birthday, and celebrated with the ones you love the most :)

    Darling cupcakes.... it's incredible the amount of detail that was put into making them.
    Just perfect for you.... garden goodness :)

    Smiles :)