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Monday, January 2, 2012

I Would Like To Introduce You All To ~ ~ ~

In my last post I shared with you our Christmas with our children and wee ones.  I suggested we go in order of age, thinking we'd start with Mom and Dad, since we had received ours via Internet - That's when Elise surprised Grandma and Grandpa with a gift of her own.  She did this without anyone knowing what she was doing - locked away in her bedroom.

Before I realized what was going on, she gave Grandpa a hand drawn picture and a visor  "i'm a #1 grandpa!" with strict instructions how to hang it properly.

And, without missing a beat, she picked up a box, handled it ever so gently and put it down in front of me.  With an "Oh c**p" look on my face, I looked straight at my son and said, "Uh, what's in the box?"  See why???

Air holes in the top of the box!!!
"Oh, this is not a kitten?"  Again, I get a shrug from my kids, professing not to know what is in the box.  Now, I'm getting nervous - Mom's allergic to cats, and she's not sneezing, it's not whining so it's not a puppy - the only other time I've seen this is when Albert's younger brother - 30 years ago - stored a box just like this one, under Albert's bed - in it ? ? ?  A snake! ! !  OK, they wouldn't give me a snake, Mom hates frogs, I HATE LIZARDS, maybe it's a turtle!!!  That'd be cute, right?  I went to shake the box - "NO!!  You have to open it like this, gently ~"
Guess what it is??
This, dear ones, is Rocksey!  My new pet!  She has two pretty pink bows in her hair holding up those pony tails! 
This cute little pet came with instructions - because after all, YOU cannot adopt a pet without instructions AND you also have RULES because the adopting agency, Elise, wants to make sure you do what you are supposed to do!  And, I had to sign for her!
So, my little Rocksey has been introduced to all of you in blogland, and I want you to know I take my responsibility very seriously.  As instructed, she was fed 5 leaves, covered with her hand made quilt and put to bed in her nest!
I would like to thank you all for indulging me my Christmas time with family.  These little ones are so precious to us.  And, while I have crafts and sewing I'm sure you'd rather see, these little ones love come visit my blog and see what I'm talking to all of you about!  I'm sure you'll all agree, we have a future craft master, a Martha Stewart, in the making.  She did this without anyone knowing, no help at all, she just thought this would be something we would enjoy.

Elise, my sweetie, we will treasure these gifts forever!  I promise to feed Rocksey and cover her each night!  Oh, and she told me she's looking forward to your next visit!  Love you!!

Blessings to all, and to all, Happy New Year!


  1. I LOVE this post! Elise is one talented young lady. Rocksey is the cutest pet I have seen in a very long time. How lucky you are to have her!

  2. What fun and what an inventive, creative little girl! Gotta love a kid like that. Make sure you don't overfeed your new pet! xo Diana

  3. Such precious gifts from your grandchildren. I laughed when I saw the air holes punched into the top of the box (no wonder you were cautious opening that gift). I can tell that they get their creative gene from Grandma.


  4. Oh this is all soooo adorable!!! You have a fabulous family and lots of LOVE!!!

  5. I LOVE this post!! Those sure are special gifts! How ingenious! With the holes in the box and everything!! I love this story, and please keep showing those awesome gifts off!
    I usually don't show my boys on my blog, but I had to do it yesterday!! We all love to brag about our kids, don't we????

  6. Boy, we had pet rocks in the 70's, but they were never THIS cute!!!
    She's going to have her own blog someday, I just know it!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Straight from the heart of love. What precious gifts and memories you hold. I love the visor and the pet rock. I also remember those. HA
    Have a wonderful New Year,

  8. Oh, I love it, Donna. A pet rock is my favorite actually, perfect name too. ;) Elise is quite the creative artist.
    Much love,