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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Need Help Installing Blog Buttons?

If you're like me and just need help with the little things, the beginning stages of setting up our blogs, or been blogging for a while and now want to make our blogs zing like some of the other blogs we see, installing a blog button sure seems easy, right?  I mean, everyone is posting each other's buttons so it can't be that hard, right?  Wrong!  Do you know how many "How To" sites I've been to?  They start talking the techie talk and my eyes glaze over.  Done, kapooie, it's like some one hits the off button on the computer and my brain shuts off!

I get so excited over the littlest things I accomplish on my blog!  I mean, I'm willing to say it, I get up and do the happy dance, and when I don't get it after I sit here for what seems to be hours, really only 20 minutes or so before I'm ready to throw the computer in the street, I just melt under the desk like in inner tube that has a leak.

There's help!!  Real help!  Help that doesn't get all techie, and she has lots and lots of tutorials for us for basic help (I'm sure she has more than that, but I'm taking baby steps here!)  If you don't know her,  you should!   Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings is the place to go for tons of tutorials. 

She's very accomplished in her own right, an author with many best selling books!  Here's one - "Blogging - It's a Womans' Thing"

Do you need a blog button for yourself?  A header?  Well, I did!  And, I didn't want something everyone else did with just the name changed.  I wanted something to relfect me.  I didn't even think about trying this myself!  So, yep - I got in touch with Cindy again!  Did I know what I wanted?  Oh sure - not!!  But, after taking a look at my blog and knowing a bit about me through reading what I like, finding out my favorite colors, she came up with the design for me.  I really love it!

So, whether you "just" want to do something simple, or you need something more complex, you can call on her.  If you want to read some great books for women today, they are fantasic, and available at Amazon - and you can read them on Kindle or on your computer.  Really enjoy not having to bring a book along!

She's also an artist, and trust me, you must see her mixed media art.  She has fabulous items. 

Most of all, Cindy is just an all around great woman.  Meet her, you'll agree - and you'll be able to move blog buttons, and so much more!



  1. Oh WOW, Donna, thank you so much for letting people know about my tutorials!! I hope it helps everyone--and I'm so glad it helped you!!! You are an angel!

  2. You know I love Cindy!!
    I have you on my blog sidebar, and I came here today and it said I wasn't following you!! Blogger is going to kill me yet! I "followed" you again!
    I'm so glad to see your getting the hang of it!

  3. Hi Donna,

    Thank you so much for stopping by this evening. I really enjoy meeting new people. Thank you for becoming my newest follower too!!
    I came by this morning to become a new follower of yours as well.
    Cindy Adkins is one of the sweetest and most generous lady's I have ever met here in Blogland. I love all of her e-books don't you?

    Well sweetie if you ever want to drop by again I will put the kettle on and we can chat!! Wish you lived closer!! :)

    Hugs and Smiles,


  4. Donna, yes, Cindy is great, there is all kinds of tutorials out there if you are brave enough to try, I wish I had been braver when I first started, Now I am afraid I will mess up my whole blog! Good for you for just jumping in! I am so glad you saw the dress form link, yes every one can have one for a $20 bill! Come back the week of February 7th to get all sorts of inspiration for dressing yours when I do my dress form party.


  5. Donna, I'm laughing...I am sure you have to get dinner on the table, lord, I am going to need someone to carry my big head around!