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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sharing Our Excitement Of Christmas!

I had the opportunity to show you the afghan I made for my son and his wife a couple of days ago.  They came to celebrate Christmas with us on the 29th and 30th, and I would love to show you what makes the effort of crocheting these large projects so worth the time!
Karla and Albert loved this and I'm not sure she put it down very much at all after opening it!  First there was a nap, then fell asleep watching TV, then wore it around herself on the way home the next evening so she could nap on the way home ~ this makes it all worth it!
Then we had a bit of fun with the children.  Kind of played a few jokes!  Isaac is 11 now and this pre teen age is difficult to buy for, so Grandpa put the stoppers on me and decided we'd get him a gift card.  For a young one, how the heck do you wrap a gift card??  So, here's what we did - -


Yep, looks like...

Grandma bought me ... a ... shirt??? We have been explaining to the children this is not their birthdays, it's the day we celebrate the birthday of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
So, are you sure that's all that's in the box, Isaac?  I had crumpled up about 10 sheets of tissue paper and taped the gift card to the bottom of the box!  "Now, that's what I'm talking about, I get to shop for me!"

Next up was Elise!  We went oldest to youngest on purpose!  Elise is probably the most easy going, loveable young lady who is satisified with everything.  So, we put her charished, asked for item right on top!

Hmmm, clothing ...
She asked Grandma for warm jammies like sister had (a fleece nightgown),  and sure was hoping for ...

Her Webkinz Mini Schnauzer!  With a secret code, of course!

Oh, she did get warm fleece nightgowns and a velour sweatsuit, but, heck - the little Lucy dog was the best!

Last but not least is the wee one, Leila.  Now this one, when she asks Grandma or Grandpa for something, she usually gets it.  But, she can't know she's getting what she wants all the time!  Last year she told me, "I would like a gray and white striped kitty."  So, obediently we searched the web and found a Webkinz Grey Tabby Cat.  And we created a little - no scratch that - a medium sized little monster, that has learned you can buy stuff from the computer and get a tracking box!  (FedEx tracking #'s to see where your package is!)  She now has 21 or 22 of these things, and it has been announced that it is the last one!  (Yeah right - only if she thinks she has enough is it enough!)  Last year, she opened her gift, a box of clothes, and looked back saying, "this is not what I asked for!"  and almost cried before she found a note left in the manger with Baby Jesus that said to look in and around the tree to see what you can see and find the little eyes peering back at me!  So we looked all over the tree and she found Mrs. Whiskers!  She was so very happy!

Fast forward to this year!  She asked for, "A Signature Orange Tabby Cat," Webkinz of course.
WHAT???  Where's the Signature Orange Tabby Cat???  This is clothes!  Clothes I tell ya!
Now trust me, after last year, this one had looked that tree up one side and down the other.  All year long we have hidden them all over the house.  When I go to visit, she goes through my luggage to find her treasure, and she opens the box to find WARM JAMMIES??!!  Wait a minute - - -
 Wait a minute ...
What's this hiding in my shirt?  Could it be, could it??  Yes, it is!  It's the Orange Tabby - MR. WHISKERS!
I'm very, very happy!!

Tomorrow I will show you what our treasured gifts were from our young lady, Elise.  She has quite the crafting thumb and was very creative.  In fact, mom and dad didn't even know she made something for us until we opened our gifts - and they are - priceless.
Happy New Year - may you be blessed!


  1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas! It looks like a wonderful time. You have a beautiful family! I love the smile on Isaac's face as he's watching Leila hugging her new kitty. So sweet!

  2. Donna- What fun to see your Christmas through the lens of your camera. It looks like everyone got what they wanted. What a perfect Christmas. I love the look on Leila's face when she found her tabby! xo Diana

  3. Oh this is all sooo precious, Donna!!! I love it and she must have been so excited about the cat! And I know your daughter enjoyed the afghan--You and Don just made their Christmas soooo bright!!!

  4. What fun!!! A treasure hunt, so to speak!
    Gald you had a wonderful Christmas!