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Friday, January 6, 2012

Looking Forward To Good Sales ~ ~

Oh my gosh, just ran my maps and info sheets for tomorrow's outing with my partner in bargaining!  She does all the driving, I do the navigating.  I'm teaching her the art of negotiating, haggling, wheeling and dealing, dickering - good old fashioned bargaining.  My kids tease me, because if there isn't a price on it depending on what it is, I ask Quarter?  Dollar?  And on up, depending on the item!  You wouldn't believe some of the deals I've come home with for practally nothing!

Strangely enough, there are a ton of Estate Sales and Moving/Garage Sales going on this weekend - YEAH!!  Many are starting late tomorrow, 8 am and the Estate Sales at 9 am.  OK with us because it means an extra couple of minutes to sleep and a few extra degrees to warm those sidewalks and driveways.  Nothing worse than icy concrete!

We're really excited because it's been a few weeks because of the holidays.  Stores didn't have much in the way of sales, so that was kind of a bust.  That's one of the things about living in a small town.  But, hey, if that's all there is to complain about, boy - we're doing pretty darn good!  (Doing pretty darn good anyway you look at it!  he he he!)

Wish us luck!  I hope to post lots of goodies here tomorrow evening!  One of the Estate Sales is advertising lots material, laces and such - woo hoo!  Hope there's some there when we arrive!

What ever you are doing this weekend, have fun, be blessed!


  1. Hi Donna,
    Oh gosh, this sounds like it's going to be quite an adventure!!! I hope you have a fabulous time, my friend!!!! xo Cindy

  2. I can't wait to see what treasures you come home with!!!!

  3. I hope you have the best time ever finding those deals. I look forward to seeing what you come home with,

  4. Hi Donna,
    I popped over to see if you had luck finding awesome stuff today! lol I hope it was fun!!! XO Cindy

  5. I hope you had a ball and scored a bunch of bargains....or are you still shopping?;>) xo Diana

  6. Hope you find lots of neat treasures!!!!