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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Look At This - - A Beatiful Blog Header and A Button

I must tell you all how happy I am!  I have a new blog header and button!  I feel like I'm showing off my new dress and matching hat!!  Can you see me, swishing my head from side to side, modeling my hat?  Hands on my hips, and now coming down the runway waving and showing off my new dress?  Don't you love them??   I adore them!!!

Thank you Cindy, from Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings !  Cindy is a truly remarkable woman, and a friend, not only to me, to everyone who meets her!  She's an amazing artist, author, teacher, wife, mother, and a unique and blessed business woman.

When I first thought about a new look for my blog, I knew I wanted the header and button first.  Seems everyone has a button.  I've even collected one, from Cindy, and I did it during one of her blogging seminars she has for teaching how to do these things.  I asked her what she charged and it is very reasonable.  I told her I'd love to do it, and "I'll let you know what I want when I decide what I want."  Cindy knows me a bit, because I've taken a couple of her seminars and they have been so helpful, yet I've still had questions. 

So, Cindy being Cindy, creative and always busy (I'm not sure she is ever still) came up with this for me!  She did the entire design for me and it is perfect!  My favorite colors, just the right amount of lace, ribbon and flowers - THIS IS PERFECT, AND IT'S JUST FOR ME!!

If you need help in designing, making, or even installing Blog Buttons and Headers and probably even more, she is the one to ask.  And, she's wonderful to work with, listens, asks what you want, not what she wants to do or already has made and reasonably priced (important for sure these days!) get in touch with her.  You'll be very happy!  (Did I mention she even installed this for me??!!  Is this amazing!!??)

Thank you, Cindy, I am so blessed to have met you, to call you friend, and to have my very own brand new and unique blog button and matching header!! 



  1. Wow! Everything looks fantastic! It suits you so well. Love it!

  2. She did a wonderful job. Everything looks so pretty. Thanks for letting us know about her.

  3. Oh- SHE is a GEM! I absolutely adore her and if I ever decide to do something with my blog I would call her. Love your new look-it is perfect- xo Diana

  4. Great look. That Cindy is a talented lady.

  5. At the top of my "to do" list is fix my awful blog header. Seeing how nice your is should spur me on! ~ Maureen

  6. Awww, you are so sweet, Donna, and such a pleasure to design for!!! Your blog is always such a cozy place full of warmth and such a joy to visit!!! I love seeing what you are up to next and following your blogging journey. it is so FUN!!!

  7. Hi Donna,
    Oh yess, Cindy has done a marvelous job on creating something special just for you.
    Creative hugs,

  8. Hi Donna! I just added your button to my Beginning Blogger seminar--come take a look!! If you pust your button on it, it takes people right to your blog! xo Cin

  9. Nana Diana sent me here tonight because she says we have so much in common. I have fibro and a list of other things.
    Cindy is great. So glad she could make you something you are so tickled with. Looks good!
    Hugs- Tete

  10. Beautiful new look, I really love it!!!
    I grabbed your button, hope you'll grab mine :)


  11. Donna, the look is beautiful... our blogs seem to become a real extension of us ... so tilt your head, place your hand on your hip!! It looks fabulous!! xo HHL