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Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Room Tree

Last year I happened to be in the right place at the right time and scored big time!  I walked in to Beverly Fabrics in our area and they were just about finished marking down their Christmas items - it was the first week in January and I guess for them, the season has gone on and on and on.  I picked up my fair share of items and they were taking down items from the shelves near the ceiling.
All lit up!

They asked if I'd like these two cute little trees?  I told them not really, there's only so much I can get in the car before my Sweetie says "STOP" and I really don't want to get there.  "$5 each - and they come with the lights!"  Still no go - "$5 for both?"  Shook my head - then turned back around and said, "with the lights, both trees - $4 and I''ll take them."  "They're yours!"  "One thing - my Honey is on his way to pick me up, if he says OK, then OK."  They are 3' trees, in a 12" antique gold pot, and really lit up well!  The second goes up tomorrow in the nook!  I really like it!

I'll see you tomorrow and show you the glass ornaments  - and how they came to live on my tree for free - two years before the trees came to live here!

I love visiting all of your blogs to see the different ways we decorate.  Your homes are just beautiful!  I love all of the different ideas, colors, ribbons and bows!

Thank you for taking a look!


  1. Oh my gosh, Donna, that is fantastic!!! How amazing!!! You are sure in the Christmas spirit at your house~

  2. Boy, you drive a hard bargain! LOL
    It looks beautiful and LOVE the manger scene underneath!!!

  3. Hi Donna,
    Two dollars a tree? What a bargain and it looks so pretty and doesn't require a whole lot of space. Happy decorating this weekend.


  4. Cute little tree! What a fantastic bargain! You did good, Donna :)