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Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Weeks Yardsales Find Items for Altered Art Projects


It's sometimes slim pickins' for junk jewelery because it's become so popular for altered art, but I did OK this week.  Along with the jewelery, which is hard to see here, there is a watch with a pearlized face, and intact so I can take it apart and use all the pieces!   I picked up a package of clasps, and some vintage lace, still in the package, along with about 10 yards of eyelet lace which went straight to the laundry!  A wooden oval plaque and some latch hook pieces for $1.50 - not bad!

I also scored some antique children's clothing - free - which may end up right in the trash if it doesn't clean up.  It had been stored up in an attic for 80 years and was the ladies mother's items.  Too bad, because they aren't in good condition and the man joked he'd give me $1 to take it!
Little Girls Slip
Baby Bonnets
Tea Coaster Set

The Tea Coaster Set I think can be salvaged.  The two circles are snapped on and the tea pot part opens up as if it is a light weight cozy.  All are hand sewn and embroidered. 

Crystal Bell
Assorted Cups

Of course, as usual I must pick up some type of glassware I really don't need but seem to want.  Bell was only $1.25, cups for all were about $1.50.  To match the pattern of the bell, I also found a mustard jar.  My friend who goes with me each week saw some snack plates that had a tree motif which resembles an Oak (Paso Robles is Pass of the Oaks) so I bought her the plates, 8 total, but only 4 matching cups.  We joked with all of the cups I've picked up over the years, we're bound to find 4 more to match her second set!  She so good to me, the least I can do is pick up a little something for her now and again.  I'm teaching her how to "Negotiate!"  She's picking up haggling pretty good, but many times she nudge me and say, what do you think - and I negotiate for her.  We have a blast together and that's what really counts!

If anyone has any ideas about how to take the stains out of the old clothing here, please post for me.  I don't want to ruin them further if they can be salvaged!

Thanks for taking a peak, and have a blessed Sunday!  Tomorrow is a day to finish up some altered art!  Yeah!



  1. I sure would love to go to garage sales with you! You found some great items for your art and I can't wait to see what you create!

    The best tip I know for the stains in lemon juice and sunshine. I hope you find a way to save the items because they are precious!

  2. Hi Donna, What great finds! Wow! I love those vintage clothes. I have done soaks in heavy Cascade in very hot water with good results. If that DOESN'T work you can add Clorox (don't use the off brands as they discolor sometimes). I used to do a big soak in my washing machine on the hottest setting possible (when nothing else worked) with hot water and 1 cup Cascade to 1/2 cup Clorox. It removes really tough stains but if the material is too fragile it might deterioate it further. Good luck! xo Diana

  3. Those are wonderful items you found Donna. The antique children's clothing is really special. I hope you can get the stains out. I hope that you share what you make with the items you bought to do some altered art. Sending you hugs today.


  4. Oh wow, great finds you have!!! And thank you so much for posting my blog button!!

    I have an idea...Instead of getting the stains out, why not dip them in coffee and dye them? It would be completely awesome!!!

  5. Terrific finds!!!
    I use Shout in the spray bottle to remove stains. I have three boys and it takes out every stain they make. :-)


  6. If you don't know what the stain is--Rub with diluted hydrogen peroxide and rinse well.

    Mix diluted ammonia and glycerin and rub onto stain, rinse well. I have found that works. But if it doesn't I like Cindy's idea to embrace the stains.

  7. You found some terrific stuff! Love those pieces of lace!!!!!

  8. Hi Donna, I'm so glad that you stopped by and I am VERY glad that my words blessed you. :) So nice to see you being a part of Blogging Sisters. Fun, huh?
    Have a lovely day.

  9. Hi Donna....
    Some of your glass cups look like Paul Sebastian
    s. They are from France and very durable! Lovely.

    I want to thank you so much for following my blog! Loved having you stop by and comment. I'm going to follow you, too!

    Take care. Susan

  10. HI Donna~
    I want to go to yard sales with you!! Don't you just love them? It's the thrill of the hunt! You did good! Thank you so much for your visit. I am now your newest follower.